RADIO WARS: 97.5 Looks Good in First Football Season Ratings Release

The ratings are out for the first week of the Eagles’ season  – the time when ye gather ’round our radios to hear from our great sports orators – and they spell victory for Mike Missanelli and perhaps even Anthony Gargano.

In the ratings period running September 10 to September 16, Mike Missanelli beat Josh Innes and friends with 97.5 earning a 9.4 share to WIP’s 8.9 (streaming estimates are not included in this weekly release) among men 25-54.

Perhaps more interesting is that Anthony Gargano tied Angelo Cataldi with an 8.1 share among men 25-54. This isn’t the first time 97.5’s morning show has beaten or matched WIP’s in a weekly, but it is, obviously, the first time it’s happened during a peak listening week, one in which Chip Kelly was a guest on WIP’s show (Tuesday).

WIP’s mid-day show of Michael Barkann and Ike “Let Me Clear My Throat” Reese trounced Harry Mayes and Rob Ellis– 8.7 to 4.2.

Keep in mind, this is just a weekly, and all estimates are based off outrageously small sample sizes. Literally just a few radios can skew ratings in either direction. But, with the war theater shifting to mornings, both sides may need to call in reinforcements. NEED DEM EPAULETTES:

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  1. Gargano is annoying but the show in general is better than Angelo. Innes is self destructing. But it’s great to hear rob ellis is failing miserably yet again. I like Harry but sooner or later he may need to get a new time slot. How many different co hosts can one man have. But screw rob ellis. He’s an egomaniac that tries so hard to sound smarter than everyone. Constantly cuts off his few callers to insert some stupid stat line that Noone asks for.

    1. Rob Ellis is the Joe Banner of radio. A little nerdy, geeky, 4 foot tall napoleon complex know-it-all who probably got beat up in school and now tries to act like a tough guy.

      1. If people want to listen to a slimy used car salesman so be it.

      2. Ellis lost me when he was total douche bag his last night on WIP. He was in a bad mood and took it out on the callers. Fuck him.

      3. Haha, I did not have a problem with Rob Ellis but he is starting to truly irritate.

      4. You’ve nailed it. The more I listen to Ellis, the more he comes across as a faux analyst, call it the Gargano Disease, rather than what he and Gargano really are — chatty sports talk show hosts, who want us to buy into their brilliant analysis, when it’s actually based on their experience being chosen last in gym class for dodge ball teams. I don’t begrudge them for giving their opinions, but PLEASE don’t insult your audience by trying to be someone you’re not.

    2. Ha ur comment good to hear rob elis is failing miserably made me lol—I am a huge fan of harry mayes–tony b and him were my fav show of all time—liked him w Jody mac and even Eytan Shander (many disagree but I thought it wasn’t bad w them and younis)–I now find it unlistenable w ellis

      1. Yeah Shander was good with him. I like Mayes he is funny, but needs someone with some spark to get him goin.I don’t think Ellis is terrible

      2. Add me to the list of people who would like to see Rob Ellis beaten to death with a baseball bat

      1. Who the fuck is Rob Innes?
        Is that what you get is Josh Innes and Rob Ellis have kids together?

    3. If you lose to that lame awful team of Reese and Barkann, you should just leave radio. You are a loser. Ellis is on two sinking ships.

    4. Agree!! Ellis sucks! How many times will he say ‘Legit’ and ‘ Props’ …complete douchebag. Ellis is awful and why have 2 so called host on same show.

      Like Mays but he needs baldy back as a partner. Ellis has to go!

  2. I actually listened to Cuzzzzzzz today, and it was bearable. Cataldi and the gang are just boring at this point. Same old same old every day. I still can’t listen to either afternoon show. Sampled each one in the drive home today and Miss was talking some mob movie crap, flicked to Innes and it was about his schtick. XPN won out.

    1. I’ve been listening to Cuzzz too..and it’s actually bearable. I couldn’t listen to him on WIP because it sounded like he was going for some south philly guy in a bar talking sports, but now it sounds like he actually is trying to put a show together. I still hate Cuz’s personality, but the show as a whole is better than Cataldi’s.

  3. Kyle, you are depressing to look at. Please keep your face out of these articles.

  4. Kyle – love your radio wars pieces, but this isn’t a story…unless you are a shill for 97.5. NOBODY looks at one week’s worth of ratings for anything meaningful. These numbers are nothing other than what used to be called a ‘trend’. If 97.5 starts winning the monthly ratings consistently then it’s a story. Not one month. Multiple months in a row.

    It’s also pretty obvious that you’re getting this info from someone in radio because of the anti-Nielsen slant. The PPM numbers are so much more accurate than the old diary system, it’s not even funny. And guess what? Radio people hated diaries too. They’re never satisfied with the methodology used. Ever. And they never will be.

    1. Spot on… love coming here daily but honestly we all have no idea who Kyle is affiliated with. Some of his or Jim’s posts are curious to say the least. I get that it’s a business and all, however he seems to have connections , ( minor to my info) so he spills the beans at times. I like WIP & 97.5 but we all know some hosts irritate & are not well received here., for good reason or not. In closing Josh isn’t ever going to be fully accepted here for obvious reasons. I wish he’d take the advice I know was given to him and try to not make it all about him sometimes. Brett and Hollis are there for what… Calling it the Josh Innis show doesn’t help.. Truth is Tony was elated to be back at WIP, sadly he learned real quick what he was walking into every day from 1-6. He had enough finally & stepped away. Real sports talk shouldn’t ” troll” the audience, no real Philly host would do that over and over again. The one that sticks out was one afternoon when Jody Mac was with him. Calling Chip a racist & shockingly some callers actually bought his act and argued the case why he wasn’t. I know not everyone here that works in radio and TV is from here , but why would a guy try to fit in this way.. It all goes back to his Eagles great debate where he “won”. We all know he didn’t deserve to win the debate, he even complained to host Glen Macnow that he wasn’t getting enough time to answer the few questions he was asked. They thought if Josh won the debate it would give him instant cred and , in turn the listeners would accept him . It didn’t work, however Josh did get the promotion and took over the drive time slot. My advice to these radio shows is simple. I was in radio and made my way because I can relate to people. Be kind and not call others names, treat everybody the same. Have some genuineness and sincerity in your voice. I miss the real guys that made you want to listen to sports talk,. Just to name a few.. the late Steve Fredricks .. Craig Carton – Howard Eskin – Chuck Copperstein – and the late Tommy Brookshier . Gimmicks never ring true in the end, baiting callers and being contrary only goes so far. If you’re listening to a host you actually like and can relate to..guess what… you’re to come back time and time again. Sammy Sunshine

      1. I’m fine with this comment, and I agree with almost everything you said. But PLEASE don’t hold Carton up as some high and mighty standard compared to Innes. Those two are so similar, and if Carton left WFAN, Innes could take his place and you’d barely know the difference. They both are the masters of trolling – maybe the only difference is Carton trolls one person at a time rather than the bulk of the audience like Innes does, but the spirit and the gimmickry is basically the same.

        1. While I don’t disagree with your point, I liked Craig & at least he was a knowledgeable sports guy.. Secondly, his voice wasn’t annoying and didn’t treat callers like cattle.. He got along with almost everyone he worked with at the station.. Remember, in this business it’s essential to get along with the people you work along side with. Ever notice nobody ever has a bad word to say about Glen Macnow on here… guy doesn’t talk bad about other’s out loud. Jody Mac is another stand up guy. Steve Martorano got the short end of the stick not once but twice at WIP.

          1. I agree with your original comment as well Sammy, but just like Paul i detest Carton. I’m in NYC a lot for work and can’t stand him. I don’t think he is a knowledgeable sports guy either, he’s about right there with Innes. I get the douche chills so bad i feel like i am on heroin withdrawl whenever he answers a call and says “What up spank!”

      2. Holy shit, I can’t believe I read the first two sentences of that. Fortunately, I then came to my sentences.

    2. This month and the next 3 months are the most important. The NFL season along with its fans and listeners make up most of the entire years total listeners. Example, September has over 600,000 97.5 listeners , May to July had 500,000 total combined.

  5. Kyle Scott….looks like that lush head of hair is going…..going….it’s OUTTA HERE!

  6. Shows what I know. Amazing how a dimwit teenage girl who reads copy is the reason everyone has made the switch.

  7. Did Angelo really get sloppy with Big Daddy’s Daughter? That’s a low blow. Just sayin

  8. 1. Kyle- gay beard

    2. Lol @ 97.5 midday show

    3. I know Angelo is old and stale but to tie Anthony Gargano, you have got to be kidding me, big ang and the morning team should be as embarrassed.

  9. Based on the ratings it looks like I will be out on street and G u i d a window and doors won’t help me but maybe they can help you. As you know one of things on my bucket list is to be a target and at a f i r i n g range. Looks like I’m the one that is going to be f i r e d.

    1. Harry isn’t the problem on that show —wip would snatched him up quick I assure you

  10. I listen to 97.5 all day (mostly on the app) and never change the station. I’ve been wanting a real philly sports radio show for 20 years! Mayes and Younes are amazing. Mike miss could use some freshening up but he’ll never change.

    I don’t know why innes the ratings king wasn’t concerned about a 20% drop in rating from his and tonys show. It’s only a matter of time before the show fails.

  11. Angelo’s show has become unbearable to listen to so no surprise there. Whether or not the ratings sample size is legit, WIP has been run into the ground. Cuz and the rest of 97.5 need some work but at least there is competition when I’m pissed off about the Eagles.

    “It’s about execution”

  12. Jesus Kyle, shave that stupid, spotty facial hair off and get a real haircut instead of that sad and balding attempt at the David Beckham. Might be easier for sponsors to take you seriously.

  13. How the fuck are Mike and Ike beating Mayes and Ellis? I get that beady-eyes Ellis is the vanilla, white-bread face of apathy, but that show is far more entertaining than anything of which Barkann could be a part.

    Side note: I agree with most opinions on Gargano. He is annoying at times, with his “Souf Philly” shtick, but it is just an overall better show than the shitfest Caltaldi puts out there.

    1. I grew up listening to both WIP and later 97.5.

      I don’t get how anyone gives either station a lot of time anymore.

      Beyond the hosts, lets break it down per hour;

      20 minutes per hour is commercials.
      5 minutes per hour is the host plugging something during live air-time.
      20 minutes per hour is a moron caller saying Chip is a racist, the world hates Christians and that’s why Tebow isn’t starting, Eagles should sign David Akers, Phillies should of kept Charlie Manuel or make Larry Bowa head coach, Sixers should of drafted Doug McDermott, Flyers need to sign that guy who just got a 41 game suspension, Riley Cooper should be cut even tho it costs more money to cut him than keep him, etc.

      That leaves you with about 15 minutes of a host talking (unless it’s Innes or a night show). Out of those 15 minutes, 5 minutes is generally useless (or 10 minutes of Innes talk, sometimes 10 minutes if Gargano is talking about his kids t-ball team or jerking off the usual dozen callers of his show). So per hour, you are looking at 5-15 minutes of a sports host talking and giving insight per hour, and the rest is generally useless trash.

      Podcasts my friends.

  14. I would love to be up for whatever & lick nat smoke show’s butt-hole

    1. That chick is the most over-rated piece of trim I have ever seen. Her tits are sloppy and her hips make her look like she’ll dump out a kid and go to hell instantly. I’ll bet her butt hole taste like provolone, maranara, and crisco

      1. I agree the Smokeshow is so overrated. She has a 6 face and maybe a 7 body, but her tits are saggy and trust me without makeup she is a nightmare.

        1. Three guys who’d be too skeered to talk to her in person and their opinions on a girl. Always funny.

  15. Hey guys

    Hear’s what is trending

    OMG we had a good ratings

    Rob Ellis is adorbs

    Coming up next, Ant sits down and has a Primo Hoagie with OhDoobEl Sanchez, no wait, Herrera

    Back to you Ant

  16. Let’s all be honest, we listen to all the shows & stay tuned to whoever has a better topic that day .
    Josh can be funny one day & annoying the next. Lol

      1. I got married to an ugly woman. Don’t ever do that. It just takes the energy right out of you. She left me, though. Found somebody even uglier than she was. That’s life. Who can explain it?

        1. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, make an ugly woman your wife. Fact.

  17. i was a fan of innes and bruno but im really having trouble listening to this new show.. ive started to listen to mikeymiss again..

  18. Kyle you look like a gayass balding non muscular Captain America and I mean that in a good way

  19. This was the big question after Innes’ first month at the big job. Sure, he could hold listeners talking about Seinfeld and who’d-you-rather: Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga in the middle of fucking March while Missannelli is talking about Goodfellas and other ancient da.go movies from 60 years ago that nobody who can get a natural erection has, ever, ever seen.

    But would the grease-stained shirts of this white trash city want to listen to a smartass Cardinals fan the day after an Eagles game – especially an Eagles LOSS – or would they gravitate to the salami-covered greaseball ranting that reflects their subconscious? Looks like we have the answer to that question.

    1. Never has anyone encapsulated this city’s fanbase and the state of sports talk so eloquently. Kudos sir.

  20. SOMEONE come forward and tell me they listen to Michael Barkann and Ike Reese. Nothing else surprised me except for that. Don’t give me that Ellis and Mayes are worse either. Even if you feel that way, driving in silence or streaming some music is FAR better. Mike and Ike is the worst show I’ve ever heard consistently. I’d rather be forced to listen to an overnight host for 5 hours than them. Zero knowledge. Condescending Barkann matched with Ike Reese who will give you a useful football once in a blue moon but can’t put together sentences into any cohesive way. Also, no knowledge at all regarding other sports. It’s embarrassing.

    1. +1000 .. Mike and Ike need to be flushed down the toilet. Its a horrendous listen. Especially IKE

  21. Their show is actually fun to listen too. 94.1 is terrible

  22. I’ve tried several times to listen to the 97.5 morning show. Really tried. When I can somehow manage to get past Gargano’s obnoxious, over-the-top bloviating phony South Philly schtick, then MCW opens her mouth. I can’t figure out why she’s there. She adds less than nothing, her voice is annoying and her reading skills are almost as bad as Kathy Romano’s.
    I used to listen to Mike Miss everyday, but he’s just unbearable and irrelevant at this point. His condescending, I’m smarter and better than you attitude is so grating on the radio. General Knowledge Wednesday is one of the lamest radio bits of all time, and Myrtetus gets WAY too much air time. He’s annoying and worthless.
    Innes is actually entertaining, he knows a lot more about sports than all the haters who never listen to his show give him credit for, and I enjoy his show much of the time. I don’t understand why he needs a partner, let alone two partners. I would get rid of Hollis and keep Eskin. Hollis adds very little. He just basically mumbles and giggles the whole show. On the odd occasion that he adds some football knowledge to the conversation, he just repeats the same point over and over. Eskin at least knows how to talk, has good sports knowledge, and is not just there to agree with everything Josh says.
    Finally, I find it really hard to believe that more than a dozen people actually listen to Barkann and Reese. They are just plain awful. And there’s no way anyone, other than the 5 people who watch Breakfast On Broad, can actually stand to listen to Rob Ellis on the radio.

    1. I don’t know, I enjoy Cuz’s morning show. Marks and Bro are pretty funny, and Marks gets much better guests than Rhea down the dial. Angelo’s show has been headed downhill for a while but it’s just complete garbage. Rarely sports related, I get the impression that Angelo doesn’t watch much sports. His rants are increasingly delusional, I’ve been wondering if he has some sort of early onset thing going on.

  23. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said already. Josh Innes is a fat slob that has cratering ratings. He is a walking, waddling disaster. He will not last much longer. Angelo is going to head into retirement at #2. This is what happens when you mail in 10 years and finally get a little competition. What a career for that joke fraud.

    1. I just don’t know how it took the listeners this long to figure Cataldi out. He has always been a fraud just to get overpaid. He also treats his interns like garbage. He’s not a good guy.

      1. We’re a provincial town and before Cuz, there was no other option for local sports. I listened to him because he was better than Mike and Mike and their constant La Quinta commercials.

  24. I’m generally OK with Rob Ellis. Kind of annoying when he cuts off callers or sounds clearly annoyed with the lower IQ callers like Jose from Norristown or Henry.

  25. Scumbag Angelo have better get used to a less expensive lifestyle when he gets fired from WIP for low ratings.

  26. Bad job by Harry and Me…….we are not in the mix for caller of the week.

    Joke aside, I like Harry a lot. He’s a good Robin I think, but needs someone else to be the Batman which Rob is not at all. I do not think Harry is the problem, but with so many co-hosts, who knows. They should bring Baldy back for everyday.

    1. I think w baldys nfl network commitments he cant—Harry has been great w everyone but rob–a fun show is now unfun—still flip back and forth—Harrys younis impression kills me I love it—boy 975 shit the bed w this decision –should have just gave Bruno the $ a few years back–that was the best sports shown this town ever had imo

  27. That little nerd fails at every job. And how long is this “new 97.5 ” promo going to run? It’s been 6 months

  28. I feel like the only thing that is saving the cuz is the blady songs. Like innes, that will jump the shark if it hasn’t already.

  29. Ever notice how innes steers just about every show topic back to himself? Today he has latched on to the word FRAUD …and of course he focuses the notion on himself being referred to as a FRAUD. He needs a radio show because he uses it as therapy for his life. This is his schtick … the Rodney Dangerfield of radio.

    1. It’s an insult to Rodney Dangerfield to be compared to that fat slob Innes. RD was hilarious firstly, secondly RD used himself as a punchline and never seriously wanted people to feel sorry for him in any way like Innes does with all his bitchy woe is me rants.

  30. Kyle did you count my ratings, I use TuneIn every day and stream 105.7 out of Milwaukee, these guys actually talk about sports, all sports, no shtick. Go Pack Go!

  31. So this is what Philly sports/sportstalk has come to? It’s going to be a loooong winter season.. Josh is annoying af these days, Rob Ellis is Rob Ellis, I never listen to Mike and Ike, Harry is always professional enough to work with who’s put in front of him.. then there’s the morning shows, anything left? Ohh yeah Lombardo sucks too, makes my blood boil w/ his homer ass self righteous opinions bt I like Staszak as the voice of reason.

  32. Can someone PLLLLLLEASE tell me what Spike ESKIN brings to the show???? He is god awful! He has little knowledge of sports, a absolutely annoying voice, and terrible laugh. He’s rode his dad’s coattails his entire career. That’s obviously the only reason he gets air time.

    After Tony left the show, the WORST kept secret in the city was that Spike would replace him. WYP rolled out that dog and pony show where you could audition for a co-host spot. But give us a break, EVERYONE knew the human coattail rider would weasel his way on the air.

  33. Well, at least Innes isn’t trolling out old Eskin callers like the wanna be mobster Arthur…heard him on Mikey Missus show this week…

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