RADIO WARS: The Ratings

One of the questions I get asked most often about the ratings is how they’re impacted by streaming numbers, if at all. The answer isn’t straightforward. Ratings are calculated by PPMs that listen for embedded tones in audio to determine what sampling participants – just a very small group of people across the city – are listening to. The streams have a different tone embedded in them so they can be differentiated from their over-the-air pal. Typically, streaming numbers have been so low that they’ve barely or not at all registered in the ratings.

But that’s changing.

97.5 has a younger audience and pushes its stream hard (despite a one-time login, it’s still more accessible than WIP’s awful CBS user experience). Therefore its streaming numbers are much better than WIP’s, enough to genuinely change the framing of the October ratings, which is actually the period from September 10 to October 7 [all numbers are based on share, men 25-54]:


6 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Preston and Steve demolish the city with a ridiculous 19.4 share, just over-the-air. WIP came in second with an 8.0 (7.9 OTA, 0.1 stream). 97.5 was third at 7.9 (6.9 OTA, 1.0 stream). In total, WIP edged 97.5 by a one-tenth of a point, as Anthony Gargano’s morning show can now call itself a peer of Angelo Cataldi’s, in terms of ratings.


10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

WIP just brutalizes 97.5 here. Their over-the-air share is 8.4 to 97.5’s 4.0, and streaming numbers only bridge the gap a bit– 2.3 for 97.5, 0.4 for WIP. That adds up to a 2.5-point victory for WIP, as people turn on and tune in to get intelligent insight like this…

Voila_Capture 2015-10-26_01-56-28_PM

… from Ike Reese!!!!!! A small part of me weeps for humanity.


2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Mike Missanelli beat Josh Innes and friends with a 9.9 (8.1 OTA, 1.8 stream) to Innes’ 8.6 (8.4 OTA, 0.2 stream). WIP, again, won over-the-air, but 97.5’s healthy streaming number put Mike out in front in terms of total listeners.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to slice these numbers. It is certainly in 97.5’s best interest to hang their hat on streaming numbers – which themselves all but prove a much younger demo – while WIP can rightfully say it has more radio listeners across the board. [UPDATE: It’s worth noting just how incredibly small these sample sizes are, especially with regard to the streaming numbers– ones and tens of people.] How does advertising get sold? Off of both. Typically, traditional commercials are sold off the over-the-air number. But sponsored reads and promotional segments – generally considered a more effective form of advertising – go out to all listeners, regardless of how they’re listening.

In the overall ratings war, WIP wins in the mornings and mid-days, but 97.5 wins in the afternoons. And WMMR just prints money. MAKE ME SOUNDS:


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        1. Is there anything better than Rob Ellis doing an impersonation? Jeeze he’s just so flippin’ funny…

      1. Many of us predicted this would happen. Josh Innes is hosting a Philly sports talk program and he doesn’t know or care about Philly or sports. He’s got the “talk” part down but the genoa-chomping greaseballs in this town don’t care about his act. They want to hear about Buddy Ryan and T.O. He was doomed from the start.

        There’s just one big problem with the prediction of Innes’ demise: the Philly Sports scene STILL licks every veiny centimeter of a big black right now. Eagles season is only four months long and frankly will be lucky to last into December. The Sixers, Phillies, and Union have already been mathematically eliminated for the next three years and nobody on either station cares about the Flyers (and to Josh’s credit he seems much more enthusiastic about giving it a try than any of the Philadelphians).

        So what’s going to happen when we’re right back in The Innes Zone after Christmas? When the topic of the day is Absolutely Fucking Nothing seems to be when Innes thrives.

        1. I have to disagree with this sentiment you come off as a dolt who appears to have personal vendetta against Innes.

          I’d put Innes’s sports acumen at the top of the list concerning Phillys Sports Radio and by a large margin. Absolutely blows the- has been/never was- borefest Missanelli away. Innes is sharp his points are enlightening , the antithesis of Missanelli. I’ personally dont like how Innes goes about things as he basically took a flamethrower to WIP with his crass,backstabbing ignorance. But as a sports host , hes light years better than Missanelli or anyone else in Philadelphia radio.

      2. Imagine what a decent Moning Show on 97.5 would do to Cataldi? Someone like Jonathon Kincade.

    1. My name is Andy Bloom and with The Josh Innes ratings dropping, it won’t be my issue much longer because my contract is almost up and will not be renewed. The guy I had pictures of got bumped up to New York. So my days are limited and I won’t be able to ruin any more Philadelphia radio stations. I did well and destroyed WYSP, WIP AND WPHT. I can ruin a station better than anyone in this business. Well at least I won’t miss any more days of work with a dripping nose. Enjoy fat Innes. He is my lasting gift to all of you.


    That fat slob Innes is gross and is done. He is OVER. He is losing the ratings and his time is up. This fat slob talked so much crap and he couldn’t even beat Mike without Tony. What a big fat loser. He is a big fat slob and a joke.

    You hear that Innes? Round up your nasty ass girl and head back to Houston you fat slob. You are finished here. People don’t want to hear you pull lame troll jobs and sing over r&b music. Go stress eat you fat slob.

    1. so the “king” , who has been in the same slot for over 5 years, is getting beat by a guy who has only been here for about a year (less in the afternoon), who everyone supposedly hates, who knows nothing about philly sports, and is “fat”…, what does that really say about the mikeymiss show? perhaps folks are tired of listening to the same stupid BS day after day?

    2. This nasty looking face just blew Mikey Miss. Ps my snatch looks like a worn piece of roast beef

    1. Innes isn’t a man. He is a fat, no sports talking erectile dysfunctional radio host.

  2. Nothing on my stellar 6-10 show? I just know I have to be kicking everyone’s a$$!

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    1. I guess you don’t need to pay to advertise on this site anymore. Just post your pointless dribble in the comments section. I agree with the shark, fuck off.

    2. When is Kyle going to block this shit? I honestly don’t care if its real or a troll. This is annoying as fuck.

      1. If this guy was such a great handicapper, wouldn’t he be living high off the hog rather than producing some mid-rate radio show.

        1. I make more $$ getting free pics off Mike miss than buying them off that fat loser godfather

          1. I play the Godfathers Locks every week and I make maad money!!! My fellow Syrian, Joe Younis deserted his homeland of Syria and fled to the US, instead of staying and fighting for his country he ran away. That’s not the kind of people we need in this country

  4. hard to believe anyone over the age of 13 listens to the twin dooshes on mmr talk about kardashians and other pointless drivel….try listening 6:30 to 7am and you will want to kill yourself.

    1. I would like to hear them get through one segment without using stupid sound effects. Used to tolerate them on Y100 but have only listened a handful of times since they went to WMMR.

      1. That’s pretty much every wide appeal morning show. It doesn’t seem like they’ve changed that much since the Y100 days. Except Nick. Nick is the fucking WORST.

        Still, I’d rather listen to sound effects and Steve running every joke into the ground than one second of Angelo’s voice.

          1. Give the dude a break. He just got divorced. I think he does a lot behind the scenes.

  5. So here are my numbers on any given day:

    3.5 guys get to suck my face
    4.1 guys guys get a to pick two of whatever they want from me
    6.2 guys get a 3 piece combo of whatever they want
    9.8 guys get whatever they want

    1. You forgot one thing AVA dear:
      7.3 guys doing ANAL

      Call 888-729-9494, that’s 888-729-9494. You can also reach me by pressing #9494 on your AT&T and Verizon Cell Phone. Now “I’m going to get the paper…get the paper”, because I say everything twice …888-729-9494

  6. Would love to know the ratings for breakfast on broad .
    Jillian Mele needs to start showing off them big tities on her.

  7. I listen to ‘IP via
    Missanelli is still a nitwit and I’ve grown tired of his wannabe Howard Eskin schtick.

  8. If 97.5 was smart they’d shit can me and let Harry do the show by himself. I’m unlistenable. All I do is talk over every caller. I’m like the white Kanye West of sports talk. You’re in the mix!

    1. I saw you at Jocyln’s in Media on Saturday night. You’re shorter then I expected and it doesn’t look like your wife is really into you.

  9. Kyle Scott criticizing anyone else’s “awful user experience” is the most hilarious thing I’ve read all day. Not a drop of self-awareness. Cram another ad and survey in here Kyle, it makes for a great user experience.

  10. A commerical costs 10 cents on a stream regardless of the time of day is plays. A spot that runs at 4 am in the morning costs 1,000 times that over the air.

      1. There’s no hard work involved in college. you’re studying, getting headaches from reading that’s not fucking work. Stop bitching

  11. Kyle, be careful what you say about Ike. Ya know he could probably kill you with one hand tied behind his back. Also, I enjoy his twitter because he tweets like an actual fan.

  12. I turn my iHeart app on to catch Harry Mayes at 10, cant listen to a minute of the morning show with MCW still employed.

  13. What is so awful about I just have it saved as a favorite and just need to access that link. Never had any issues with it? Its silly that 97.5 makes you register just to listen to their streams.

  14. I listen to both streams on iTunes, no logins needed. Do they factor in iTunes streams?

    1. No they don’t. Kylie needs a way to show that his master Mikey Miss is winning ratings. So he cherry picks whatever he needs to in order to prove that.

  15. So, basically, WIP and 97.5 are fighting like little girls over 5th place in the ratings?

  16. Preston and Steve do hack rip and read radio. It’s easy to dominate the market when there is no competition. If WYSP had any balls and stood behind her talent the station would still be around. Andy Bloom ran that shipinto the ground. The only smart thing he has ever done was syndicating Stern.

    1. Kid Chris has no right to call any radio show a hack. he was the most UN-FUNNIEST radio personality EVER!!!! PLEASE DON’T EVER COME BACK TO PHILLY.

  17. It’s amazing how many years Angelo went unchallenged in the morning because people were afraid that he was too powerful.

  18. I know someone who works at Nielsen and let’s just say that for 97.5 to claim victory due to streaming is dubious at best. The Nielsen folks are still trying to calibrate how this can even be measured. I have no dog in this fight, but it seems that WIP is still dominating over 97.5.

    1. Bingo. It’s so obvious that Kyle is in bed with someone at 97.5 that’s feeding him this information. I promise you that WIP is making FAR MORE revenue than 97.5 is on any of its shows. Streaming numbers are still ridiculously small and ad rates on the streams go for pennies on the dollar compared to OTA. Anyone that truly knows how ratings and advertising works is well aware that what Kyle is peddling here is complete and utter crap.

      1. Like I just posted: The real question is this: are bonuses based off a combination of OTA and stream or just OTA?

        Because if Josh is still getting a bonus for winning the ratings, then you know streams don’t mean shit.

  19. We’re talking about Radio Wars not “streaming wars” correct? Like you said… the sample size is too small. Also there are many other streaming sites out there. Personally does the best job. On an unrelated topic… stop by to learn about the future flyers prospects all you hockey nuts out there!

  20. Favorite takeaways from this post:

    a) Innes will def read it because he reads CB constantly. Hes obsessed with his image. He plays it off my making fun of himself (which just shows how insecure he is)
    b) he will undoubtedly get red in the face and freak the hell out in his office at WIP when readers think MM is beating him.
    c) he will go on air today and talk about how streaming numbers are BS and he’s still #1 (he may have already done this)

    If Innes didnt have the backing of loyal 94.1 diehards when coming to the city, these numbers would be way worse.

    94.1 is kinda like ESPN and 97.5 is FS1

    94.1 has always been the place to go but now the younger crowd is sick of everything they do and are going to a new/fresher station .

    Innes GF isn’t good looking either.

    1. “94.1 has always been the place to go but now the younger crowd is sick of everything they do and are going to a new/fresher station .”

      Wow if wannabe Goodfellas mimic and happy and nice nick-name stressing dooooosh is your idea of new or fresh you are one boring ass person sweety

    2. Yeah I may not be easy on the eyes but my pu$$y looks like a worn roast beef sandwich and tastes like Mikey Miss cum so

  21. 97.5 the Titanic has an ESPN link. More local radios are tuned to Innes. Little kids in Wyoming are listening to Mike and he gets some hood play because he pretends to be down.

  22. We all know Mike was going to come out on top once football season started.. while Josh was entertaining during the summer he’s just too insecure and ignorant to understand how to do radio in this city (burning bridges/needling within the media and ppl at his own station.) The constant whining and self deprecated attitude has lead to his demise in Philly and now its simply time for him to GO. Let’s be honest who wants to turn on a radio in Philly and listen to host bitch and moan where their nxt destination might be bc ppl here in Philly are too hard on him? So Chicago or another big market might be the answer huh? Lol I doubt it.. and yes ik Houston is a big market. Out.

  23. Can it get more embarrassing than losing to barkann and ike? Maybe if the “new” 97.5 put any sort of effort into their midday show, they’d see how bad it is. Mayes needs a good partner and less of that pig who pretends to be good at picking games. Guess all the money and time has been spent on mike and Gargano considering they run that same promo nonstop

  24. did they count all the folks who have two tin cans and a string? that should really help MM’s ratings too!!!

  25. Rob Ellis takes alot of abuse on this site but the fact is low ratings seem to follow him around everywhere he goes.

    Seems You have to be a stone cold strapper like Eskin,Missanelli,Cataldi,Innes to get ratings n this town. Put Him In The Hopper and Ike Reese can someone explain their high ratings ?

  26. How did the ugliest guy in Philadelphia get a radio gig? We know he has the face for radio, but this hack brings NOTHING to the show! It’s so obvious he weaseled his way onto the show, that was already doing well, to pad his resume. He’s a clown! Get lost bozo.

  27. Is an online share equal to a radio share? Online shares are 1:1 no? Where as radio shares are meant to be reflective of a much larger audience.

    Seems to me like adding the two together is silly.

  28. Innes is a hack who runs his mouth with his fake stern shtick, which he doesn’t even do as well as the thousand other rip offs running around. He basically watched private parts, read the book, and goes line by line. How pathetic is it that he is given a huge ratings lead into his show as evinced by the thrashing mike and ike are giving to ellis and mayes. And he is still either losing to miss or barely beating a guy who is begging to be put out of his misery. I mean miss is running general knowledge shows and trivia on a sports radio station. So people would rather listen to a guy babble fake white guilt, cigars, trips to italy, mob talk than innes. On that fact alone wip should send him packing a real sports host would eviscerate miss in the ratings.

  29. Kyle has always had it in for Josh. Innes came here and completely took over philly sports talk radio. He is not only a breath of fresh air, but hes the best thing on radio today. These ratings are obviously manipulated to favor Mike Miss in some pathetic effort to keep the old and push out the new. I don’t know a single person that listens to 97.5, everyone listens to Josh, weather they like him or not, they are listening.

    1. wow dude, Josh, you are so pathetic. not only can you not control yourself when it comes to food, but you are horrible on the radio. philly does not like fat outsiders like you, its not your fault, they never should have brought you here, but I think its clearly the time to go back to the Midwest where they like your style better

  30. I don’t mind Mike and Ike, but I can understand the hate and have no clue how they’re crushing, let alone winning, Rob and Harry. Like me, maybe a lot of fans heard Rob’s last night on WIP when he was total dick to all the callers. He burned some bridges that night.

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