Someone Needs To Takeout Slide The Mets Fan Who Wrote This Lousy, Sticker-less Letter

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Making fun of Always Sunny’s Chase Utley fan letter from Mac is a very timely joke. The episode aired only six years ago, so the humor is fresh and was just begging to be mocked by a Mets fan salty about Utley’s slide. The above image was posted in r/NewYorkMets, and really loses points for its lack of stickers. Come on. Get with it, Mets fans.

Transcript after the jump.

[h/t Philly Influencer]

Dear Chase,

I feel like I can call you an asshole because you’re a piece of shit. I would love to meet you one day. It would be great if you could teach me how to slide. I know I can’t play as dirty as you but I think you’d be impressed with my tackling abilities. I hate your hair. You are ugly. Does your father know he raised a piece of garbage? Mine does too. These are all the things we can talk about and more! I am sure our relationship will be a real Home Run!

Booing you always.

– Billy


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  1. Wait a minute….

    By saying “Mine does too” does the author mean that he himself is also a piece of garbage, similar to his characterization of Chase?

  2. Jim, you’re going against journalistic integrity here. By fixing the grammatical mistakes for him, you’re misrepresenting him as someone who actually has a brain. How dare you!

  3. your making fun of this guy for making a joke out of the “Mac letter” because it’s dated, yet i notice you two bring up the letter quite frequently with stories about Utley. Get with it, Crossing Broad

  4. Should I stop destroying Kyle and just focus on Jim? The problem is he won’t play ball.

    JIM! You suck worse than Josh Innes. You suck worse than K@cie at the MLB All-Star Game. You suck worse than Barrett Brooks. You suck worse than Josh Innes wait already did that one.

  5. Folks let me clue everybody in here on CB.COM! Kyle has been at the forefront of 2 breaking stories in Philadelphia recently. 1 Radio Wars and 2 me Ron Schwartz owner of Nissan in Feasterville providing Ray Didinger with massive amounts of cocaine.

    1. Thank you Ron. As I look through my notes here I see that I snorted 6.5 inches of coke per attempt this week an improvement of .4 inches over last week. Thanks for stashing the 2 kilos of coke in the glovebox of my brand new 2015 Maxima. I knew if I couldn’t make a deal with you that I couldn’t make a deal with anybody! now if I could just reduce the amount that I purchased from you so that I can invest that money into some real suits I will be all set

  6. Looking forward to his matchup next week with our rook Ereck Flowers who has silenced all the ignorant critics so far. Flowers has the mean streak, length, strength and the size to go head to head with that monster. It’ll be interesting to see how he dominates against cox

    1. mmm mmm mmm I just love me a brotha with length because deep throating is my specialty and him having the strength to back me up and flip me helps of course and last but certainly not least I love a big ol 6′ 6″ brotha, who is a member of the 12 inch club if you catch my drift.

  7. Is it true joe younes scams people with his godfather site? I thought his biggest crime was his stupid family diner promo that 97.5 runs now

    1. Heard he lost a huge play last night on the Chargers & his clients aren’t happy via Twitter

    2. I made the mistake of signing up for a weeks worth of this picks once. I still get his promo emails from when he’s on a hot streak. So I’ll get an email about he had a good last few days, then I’ll go 4 months without anything, then I’ll get an email adopt how he was on fire the last few days. Makes you wonder how he was during the silent 4 months.

      1. I bought his plays a couple weekends back after all the promoting of winning something 12 out of 13 weekends. Of course I take his plays & get crushed . Fucking loser fraud father .

        1. According to what I’ve seen, he deletes his losses to make his record look better. Total hack move. Had a 20* play last night whatever that means and lost costing a bunch of people money.

          1. glad no1 posted his BIGGEST PLAY EVER on cappersmall or I would have been a sucker & took it. Fraud-father

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