Temple and Notre Dame Will Play Halloween Night, Does That Mean GameDay in Philly?

The Temple-Notre Dame game has been flexed to 8 pm on Saturday, October 31, on ABC. That means… the distinct possibility of Philly as the yet-to-be-announced location for ESPN’s College GameDay.

Notre Dame, at 6-1, is number 10 in the country. Temple just cracked the top 25. Now Temple just has to make sure they beat ECU this week…

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39 Responses

    1. Hey Q,

      When they announce GameDay in Philly I’m going to need you to open your mouth really wide, so I can drop my nuts in there.

  1. Actually a good chance. Only other possibility is Florida-Georgia and Georgia sucks right now. Unless they decided to do their random Army or Navy trip that week.

      1. Read what I said again, they might visit Army or Navy like they do most years, not for the Army-Navy game.

  2. Huge game against ECU this thursday….ECU kept it close against Florida and also BYU.

    If Temple wins I could def see Gameday coming to Philly…Gameday loves going to new places and the Temple students will be out in force.

  3. Who cares? How about something on Daniel Murphy last night Kyle? Or the Jays and Royals tonight. I mean it’s October!!!! Baseball time! Not 2nd tier college football.

    1. Yes, Kyle. Talk about baseball at a time when the Phillies are so far out of the playoffs its not funny rather than a team that’s considered one of the 25 best in the country. Dumbass.

  4. The worst SEC matchup would be better than gameday here. It’s already embarrassing for Temple to have a home game with more away fans attending. It’s will be just as bad when only ND fans will show up to gameday

    1. Ha – you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. The Linc was about 70% Owls fans for the PSU domination, and they’re an IN-STATE rival.

      1. It was not even close to 70%. Dream on as steven tyler says. Homecoming barely filled 30,000 and that’s a generous estimate. Don’t pretend to be relevant. If it isn’t for Notre Dame being in the game this might not even be televised.

        1. I was at both games. Clearly, you weren’t. Go ahead, look at the pictures. Homecoming was ~40k+ and the entire lower bowl was filled. It was the biggest non-PSU Temple game ever at the Linc. The buzz is growing. Also, every single Temple Football game is televised – usually on an ESPN Network. You sound bitter.

        2. I hate how uneducated this city is about college football. It was 65%-35% Temple Fans. All American Conference games are on ESPN networks. Temple isn’t pretending to be relevant. It’s warranted. This game has HUGE group of 5 and CFP ramifications.

          The city finally has a decent college football team- embrace it instead of being a jackass.

          1. Stop it. This game has no CFP ramifications for either team. Sure it is has potential as a big match-up of two top 25 teams, but in no way will it have anything to do with the CFP. If Temple goes undefeated they won’t make the playoffs. And as it stands, ND is on the outside looking in and are a long shot of being considered, thanks to my Tigers taking down the Irish. It is somewhat cool that a Philly team has a somewhat relevant college football team, but don’t get too carried away.

            So if ND wins out you’re trying to tell me they wont be in the playoff? They absolutely will be in the 4 team playoff if they win out. The Pac 12 sucks – ND would take out their only contender in Stanford, which leaves as your playoff:
            B1G Champ
            Big12 Champ
            ACC Champ
            ND or a 1 loss SEC Champ

            If the Owls run the table they will be going to a New Year’s Six Bowl as the Group of 5 representative – Peach or Fiesta.
            If Temple loses to ND but still wins out (defeating top 20 Memphis and Houston in the AAC Championshp) – Still probably the group of 5 rep as long as they are ranked ahead of Toledo. New Years Six Bowl Peach or Fiesta.

            Not getting carried away, just laying out facts based on the schedules ahead. You maybe, maybe, will have one unbeaten team. The CFP is up for grabs.

        3. Clearly, asshat, you didn’t watch the last TU-ND game, when the Owls were still within two scores in the fourth quarter.

          Doesn’t matter, anyway. ECU beats them by two touchdowns.

          1. T Mac –
            If ND wins out, yeah they very well could be in the playoff hunt, but they have a pretty hard road ahead of them and its still only week 7. Why I said it didn’t have huge CFP ramifications is you made it sound like it was from the point of view for Temple, so my bad. I’m a Clemson alum, so I’m rooting for ND to run the table, because then our win over ND looks even better, especially since FSU is the only legitimate resume boosting team we have left on our regular season schedule. I just want GameDay to come down to Philly, I think it would be pretty cool, the ESPN crew to my knowledge has never gone to a NE metropolitan city (Boston, NYC, Philly, Balt, DC). I’ve already been to a few GameDays while at Clemson, and they are a fun time, it would be cool to have one in our city.

        4. I think you really are a dumb ass. The Linc was filled up (first and second decks) with the upper deck empty. Over 36,000 attended, check the record. That’s well over half capacity of an NFL STADIUM

  5. Sign Idea: Q: What do Notre Dame and Penn State have in common?
    Hint: It does not involve little boys.
    A: OK, it does involve little boys.

  6. Not like Temple students would even show up for Gameday. Someone should go ask Temple students to name 5 players, bet most can’t. What a joke.

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