The College GameDay Set Looks like It’s Ready to Go on Independence Mall

College GameDay will have a decidedly different feel this week– not on a campus, but rather in the middle of a historical landmark in an old East Coast city. The set, on Independence Mall, looks like it’s ready to go for Saturday. More pics after the jump:

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33 Responses

  1. I’m so fucking pumped up for tomorrow. I’m going to be balls deep in pussy & drinking beers. I’m so horned up I might just go around motor every girls ass in yoga pants .

    *I think nd covers the #

    1. Son, you are doing nothing of the sort as you never have a chance with the ladies. Plus, you have work tonight. Someone has to cook those burgers at that bar. Also, you need to pay me back for the costs of your second DUI! Am I picking upi after work tonight or are you taking the 66 home to our house?

  2. Your utter disdain for Temple almost makes me want to stop reading your blog. First, absolutely zero coverage of Temple’s win over Penn State. And now, just plain whining and ranting about a non-Villanova program getting national attention. Your coverage is classic Vanilla-No-Fun: it begins with a sense of entitlement; the second act demonstrates a pompous sense of arrogance and self-adorned superiority; and , likely, it will close with an “I told you so” when a budding Temple program gets beat by a classic and (admittedly) superior team. Need I remind you that your top-of-the-bracket Wildcats can never pull through in the clutch? Be happy for Temple; support Philadelphia athletics; and quit being such a stereotypical Villanova guy.

    1. I don’t disagree with your sentiment, but I find the ribbing to be good-natured rivalry bluster.

      Plus, Temple is probably going to lose, and it may be ugly, so let’s not build ourselves up here, just to let me down… buttercup…

    2. This is a brilliant observation regarding Kyle’s arrogance. I understand it’s hard to not show bias on a blog, but goddamn his arrogance is clearly prevalent in these shit posts

    1. #bullshit

      I’ll be in full ND gear, find me and I’ll make you bleed cherry and foam white all over broad street you pussy.

      1. I am right there with you guys. I talk a big game too, but I probably won’t even make it down there. I have to work late tonight as a cook in a northeast Philly bar. On Saturdays, I have to do an alcohol class program because I caught my 2nd DUI in 2 years! So, I will probably just head hop on the 66 and home to my parents northeast Philly twin home.

    1. Was just about to make this same comment. These dudes sounds exactly like that scene in The Forty Year Old Virgin where they’re playing poker and the virgin guy is trying desperately to convince all the other guys he’d had sex before.

  3. Really looking forward to the tailgating tomorrow. I’m hoping to meet a woman that is looking for a meaningful relationship and appreciates art, literature and fine French cuisine.

  4. I wonder why they didn’t set up on Temple’s campus? I guess they don’t want to get mugged, beaten, r8ped and shot on camera. Just a guess though.

  5. Seriously this girl has no fucking life. Tweeting pictures of road closures and construction sites. Any way GO TEMPLE!!! I will blow bang them if they win.

  6. Since he did a live read about Window Nation. A piece of wood could get higher ratings than the Ellis and Mayes show.

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