The Home Depot College GameDay Bus Is Literally Parked at Home Depot, in South Philly

This is easily the least sexy place that bus has ever been.

H/T to reader Andrew

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47 Responses

  1. All the Penn State alum are laughing at the wide eyed Temple alum. Gameday has been at PSU so many times before. It’ll be fun when ND puts you guys in your place.

    1. Eh, i get what you are saying but anyone related to PSU at this point is in no position to crow about their program. Now if you were from Ohio State or Alabama or a football program with a much better record and no molesting scandal, you could shoot your mouth off.

    2. All the Temple alums where laughing at the delusional PSU alums when they came to Philadelphia and lost by 17. That’s great that Gameday came to State College in 1999. It’s in Philly this year.

    3. So if ND puts Temple in their place, and Temple beat PSU like the has been program that they are, where does that put PSU. Go sit at the kids table and be quiet, grown ups are talking.

    4. Stop. Ron Jaworski was the Eagles QB the last time Penn State was relevant. Keep drinking the kool aid and pretend that Penn State is anything more than the stepchild to OSU/MSU/Michigan/even Wisconsin. Phillies World Series games are also more recent than a gameday trip to State College

      I don’t know what’s more predictable, another 8-4 or 9-3 Penn State season or Villanova losing in the second round of the march madness. I give Penn State some credit, the schedule absolute cupcakes instead of playing real teams in their non-conference so they can pretend that a .500 big ten record is “good” because there overall record is 8-4 after beating Akron Navy Buffalo etc..

    5. “So many times”

      Three times in 300 episodes.

      It’s funny how Penn State only matters to only Penn State and is nothing more than a regional program to anyone else.

    1. Says the guy who will not have sex with anyone this weekend and wind up crying while masturbating during the game

    1. Oooohhh, yea, major turn off. Ill still take Erin Andrews, i’ve lost count of the number of athletes she has been with so you know she loves getting her fuck on and her current one was getting her all coked up too. Yea, i’ll definitely take a coked up Erin Andrews, mmmm

      1. it was funny when Erin Andrews acted high and mighty and shunned Marshall Henderson because he was caught with drugs, only for her BF to be caught a few years later…..i’m sure she knew nothing about it. She is known for becoming a complete bitch after she got famous for being the original sideline chick. She was hot, but is really starting to lose her looks and yea that vag must look like wizard sleeve since she has banged every baseball player to put on a red sox uniform. Her friend Charrisa Thompson is pretty hot

        Also what is up with Kate Bilo and her new slutty look, Jessica Boyington had a huge coke and weiner addiction at Rowan. You can find Jillian Mele at any bar in Avalon during the summer, but you better have a nice size bankroll if your even thinking of talking to the princess of the jersey shore. Shirleen Allicot is greatly missed…great lips, tits and ass

        1. That’s some solid information right there & spot on. Loving bilo new look.
          Also thought Jillian & her bleached asshole were lesbians

    2. Those damn Christians. Must really be scary for a bigot like you living in a country alongside 200,000,000 Christians.

      1. Do they believe in the easter bunny too? Those chumps are so easily fooled and tricked into paying for pedophile priests and luxury cars for Baptist ministers.

  2. The comment section, as I have seen for several months, looks to each other for importance. Most jokes are absolutely horrendous, and the rest are close to unreadable & creepy . Give up your self entitled embarrassment losers, although I don’t know if Kyle wants you or not. Myself and my friends read this site and others, briefly for semi-relevant philly sports talk. The comments section is philly to mankind…lol Rob Ellis sucks, josh innis is fat, mike miss likes alt music and Kyle you say, but you frequent the site…then you are embarrassing yourself. You really are

    1. i was trying to write something much more relevant but Kyle’s god dam filters get in the way. So i’ll just say die in a fire you fucking loser

  3. Kyle is one of those people who drives to center city on a Saturday night and bitches that there is no parking.

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