The Inquirer and Daily News are Merging and People Will Lose Their Jobs

From Philly Mag:

The newsrooms of the Inquirer, Daily News, and will merge, the publisher of the papers told reporters today, part of a radical restructuring of parent company Philadelphia Media Network that will include job reduction in “every area” of the company, the city’s biggest news organization.

The Inquirer and Daily News will continue to publish as separate newspapers, however. Stan Wischnowski, the vice president of news operations for PMN, will reportedly be in charge of the combined newsroom.

This sucks for anyone who is about to get laid off. But unfortunately, it was a long time coming and makes a lot of business sense. The fact that one media organization had three separate or partially separate staffs – Inquirer, Daily News, – covering virtually the same topics was not a sustainable business model in and of itself. Add in the fact that two of the outlets were newspapers, and… well, yeah.

What doesn’t make sense here is why they’ll even continue bothering to print the Daily News. Once the staffs merge, the Daily News loses its voice anyway. It still makes no sense to me why they don’t just take the best 60% of people from all three publications combined and turn them into one kick-ass newsroom that publishes the Inquirer and its website, All content, in both places. There’s a way to make money doing that. Anything else is just a distraction or redundant.

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28 Responses

      1. Hayes never goes, he fills a purpose for them (enrages clicks and pageviews when he pulls the race card). Bowen I could very much see going the way of the dodo. Old, (presumably) well compensated, and not particularly lighting the world ablaze with his writing.

        Never want to see a guy get sacked though. Well maybe I’d like to see Hayes get sacked.

  1. Fight, fight, fight!
    For the Cherry and the White,
    For the Cherry and the White,
    We’ll fight, fight, fight!

  2. I’m about to explode right now in work. All
    I’m thinking about is yoga pants, drinking & eating some shaved pussy .

  3. Please let that puke Will Bunch be one of the people getting canned. Or he can get run over by a bus, that’s fine too.

  4. “Nearly everybody reads the Bulletin.” I like their “machine gun camera” photos of Pete Liske hitting Ben Hawkins for a long touchdown.

  5. I’m involved in the sports media field, so this isn’t terrific news. But it can be good news, in the sense that the following people should be banished from earth:

    1, Marcus Hayes – a talentless, bitter tub or lard that is angry at the world.
    2. Les Bowen – entertaining at points, but his writing and analysis are bland. Thinks high of himself. Never breaks anything. Stuck in the 1980s way of doing things. Cranky and complains a lot. I hope he keeps tweeting though, he’s all in all fun on that.
    3. Josh Innes – I know he doesn’t work for a paper, but he’s really fat and gross and a slob and he just sucks. He sucks. His show is awful.

    1. Having Kyle mention you in a post this week doesn’t mean you’re involved in the sports media field….

  6. I sure hope they keep me, so readers can get brilliant information like “girl got it goin ON” or “Bey be rockin dat dress”

  7. Already you are seeing some changes. For instance, the movie reviews seen on Fridays are identical. Some of the same stuff in the Inquirer Thursday Food section now appear in the Daily News Thursday Food section, too. (Veggie Vance Lehmkuhl must have taken a buyout; his byline has been missing of late.) And Aaron Carter’s high school sports stories are seen in both papers and the website. (He’s the son of former Sixer player and coach Mad Dog Carter, in case you didn’t know.)

  8. It always has had the better sports section. The Inquirer is a stuffy paper for people who stop at S T A R B U C K S on the Main Line.

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