This Is the Best Eagles Analysis You’ll See All Week

We’ve featured The Archfiend on here before – following the Eagles’ Week 1 win against the Jaguars last year – but this is the first time he’s threatened his lamp and camera. That’s how you know he’s mad. Also, this:


We’re gonna lose our collective sanity if Chip Kelly doesn’t get things figured out quickly.


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    1. The above scoundrel has absconded with my name! He’s obviously a fraud!
      Jeeves,pull the Prius around to the side entrance, I’ll be out in 5 minutes. We have a police report to file!

  1. This is a much better place to put my thoughts on the ratings

    Look, we all know what Innes is. He’s really fat and gross and this was inevitable. Nobody takes his act seriously. On top of that, his show features a failed DJ who would be in advertising if not for his father and a former player who giggles and mumbles 95% of the time. Mike Miss is a condescending, smug, arrogant know-it-all. It wasn’t that hard to beat him. Innes, the fat slob, couldn’t even do that. His show is a failure, he is a failure, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s back in Houston or somewhere else in the South doing his LSU/Cardinals troll shtick for a new audience of morons. I’m sure right now he’s stress eating, locking himself in an office and blaming the Illuminati on the ratings. He’s a Jason Whitlock-level megalomaniac. Both people deserve to fail. Both will. Both do.

    Meanwhile, Angelo, facing competition for the first time in his life, is failing. This dude has rode the free rainbow to millions of dollars because there were no other sports options in the morning. Now there is. Now he’s losing. Maybe it’s because he’s demeaning toward women, has 0 sports knowledge and puts on the same rotation of idiotic callers and guests (Shirley, G Cobb, Kenny, Buzz Bissinger, etc.). Maybe it’s because the Baldy Songs are funnier than anything Joe Conklin has ever done. I don’t know. Alls I know is Gargano hasn’t even been on for a year and he’s caught a dude that’s been on for 20. What does that say?

    I also challenge the mid-day ratings. Mike and Ike? What.

    1. i just don’t get it. do you like innes or do you not? you’re always so back and forth on the issue make up you’re fucking mind obama.

    2. Pres of Jolly Fan Club, you gotta be objective. Your boy Da Cuz got humiliated by Mikey Miss in the afternoon for years, so he must not be so easy to beat. At least Innes owned the lead for six months.

      1. “Humiliated” is a strong word. It wasn’t that bad. I mean Miss won, but it was close. Gargano I think even own total listeners, or did at points, thought that doesn’t matter.

        Gargano deserved to be bumped off when he couldn’t beat Miss, but not for Innes. Jim would put on a better show than that fat slob.

  2. speaking of the radio, let me tell you about a drinking game I made up. You listen to 97.5 and every time you hear the word “man” you have to take a drink. Halfway through the Rob Ellis show I was bombed and passed out. I woke up in time for DeCamra and after two hours I was rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Please pray for me.

      1. He also uses the word “brutal” way too much, everything is brutal to him. The Eagles are “brutal”

        “Hey Harry, you see that new episode of Walking Dead last night, i don’t know man, show is gettin brutal”

    1. this drinking game could also work for any time Johhny Marks does the fake middle age uptight white guy voice. I swear its like a tick or something he has to insert it the conversation every couple of minutes.

  3. These guys who go out of their way to make videos about the Egales with their ‘commentary’, like this turd and that noodle erock, are beyond pathetic. They’re videos are so painfully forced and rehearsed. I would love to see how many times these douches had to redo their ‘takes’ on the Eagles.

    1. Go to Avalon any weekend in the summer, she will be in one of the bars with some family members and a couple of her other single friends….i hope you have money if you are thinking of talking to her

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