Wells Fargo Center Adds Chick-fil-A and More to Your Second Favorite Arena Food Offerings

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Second place in best arena food offerings sounds really good, until you realize there are only three arenas and second place got a whopping 8% of votes. Still, the Wells Fargo Center is at least adding some things to try to bump up that number this season.

According to Philly.com’s Michael Klein, the WFC will add Chick-fil-A and Lee’s Hoagies, among others, this year. “Chick-fil-A stands will be set up at Sections 110, 104, 207 – but be mindful that they, like the restaurants, are closed Sundays,” Klein says. “Lee’s Hoagies’ stands will sell Italian and turkey hoagies, and wrap versions, at Sections 113 and 223.” Those food places will also be open during events, so all of your Democratic supporters at the DNC can grab their favorite Chick-fil-A sandwich and sneakily eat it in a corner where no one can see them. Here are some of the other additions:

  • Old City Brewhouse Sandwich Shop (Section 101)
    • Hot roast pork with long hot peppers on a Liscio roll.
  • Big Baby’s BBQ (Sections 119, 202)
    • Loaded mac and cheese with choice of pork or chicken.
    • Pulled chicken and pork sandwich topped with coleslaw.
  • The Carvery (Section 120)
    • Chopped brisket special: House smoked brisket, Vermont cheddar, mustard aioli, and hot Italian giardiniera, on a long roll.

And on top of all of that, the club level is adding a South Philly-style chicken cutlet (broccoli rabe, provolone) and the suites have added classic arena fare like bruschetta and seared crab cakes…

UPDATE: Full list of additions after the jump, via a Comcast news release.

  • Original Pizza Logs
    • Original Pizza Logs® will now be served at Grille Works stands sections 112 and 124, as well as the Broad Street Bistro, Club Boxes and Luxury Suites.
    • “Finger Food Products, Inc. is proud to partner with the Wells Fargo Center and provide Original Pizza Logs® to the great sports fans of Philadelphia,” said Jason R. Cordova, Owner of Finger Food Products, Inc. “We are excited to be named an ‘Official Partner of the Wells Fargo Center’ and we are thrilled Original Pizza Logs® continues to expand in Philadelphia and with professional sports venues.”
  • “Pour Your Own Beer” at “Draft Serv”
    • Located at section 107, the new “Draft Serv” concept allows patrons to purchase and pour their own 32 oz. beer. The new “Draft Serv” units will be located in PJ Whelihan’s on the back wall. All patrons will enter through PJ Whelihan’s front area to purchase their beer. After the purchase they will be handed a card that will be scanned at the draft unit so the guest may begin to pour.
  • Hot Roast Pork, Beef and Sausage Sandwiches
    • Located at section 101, the Old City Brewhouse Sandwich Shop will serve Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches, Hot Roast Pork with Long Hot Peppers and Italian Sausage Sandwiches along with craft beer.
  • Italian and Turkey Hoagies
    • Located at Sections 113 and 223 Italian and turkey hoagies can be found at Lee’s Hoagie House. Wrap options are available as well. Formed in April, Lee’s Hoagie House Franchise Group is converting the sandwich-shop brand founded in 1953 from a licensing organization with 15 locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to one that will franchise throughout the United States.
  • Loaded Mac and Cheese
    • Located at Section 119, Big Baby’s BBQ will offer their fan favorite, Loaded Mac & Cheese with choice of pork or chicken and a pulled chicken and pork sandwich topped with coleslaw.
  • Italian Braicole Sandwich
    • Located at section 120, The Carvery will offer the Italian Braicole Sandwich including: braised beef, Italian sausage, roasted long hots, tomato ragu, sharp provolone on a long roll; along with their chopped brisket special including: smoked brisket, Vermont cheddar, mustard aioli, hot Italian giardiniera on a long roll.

Other food and beverage additions include: Old City Brewhouse, Chick-fil-A, The Creamery and Dunkin’ Donuts.

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14 Responses

  1. And make sure to say hi to Joel Embiid while you’re standing in line next to him at the BBQ joint, since his big ass won’t be playing again this year.

      1. Actually, no one stole my handle. I was trolling myself to fool myself into thinking that I am so important in the comments section that someone would actually steal my handle. Well, another 4 hours of picking up trash before I go back to night jail.

  2. Who cares! Once i get in line Chic-Fil-A will be SOLD OUT.

    Be sure in to tune in at 2pm today to hear me talk about my fatness, how great I am, me and another argument with cool guy Spike.

    Must listen radio!

  3. That’s fitting a 3rd rate chicken place. Anything the 76ers are involved in you know the fans are the ones being ripped off. They should be sued for charging NBA prices for a team that would get disbanded if they were in the NBDL.

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