See, this is why I wonder why you’d read any other site. Look at the sensationalism going on here:

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First of all, the both sides are sick of each other comment mostly referred to the fans and Chip. But it was obvious that Schefter was opining on the situation in general, in response to a leading question about some guy somewhere being told that Chip was leaving, and he in no way indicated that what he said was anything more than conjecture. He used the phrase I think seven – SEVEN! – times in 81 seconds.

So, he went on the 97.5 Morning Show today – as he does every Wednesday – to straighten things out and blasted the interpretation and framing of his comments, both by the media in general and Sirius, to whom he gave the interview yesterday.

Here’s what Schefter told Anthony Gargano today [thanks to Jim on the transcribe]:

“First of all, I was completely taken aback at the way that was portrayed … I went back and listened to it twice because all of a sudden my phone started blowing up, and I’m like ‘I don’t get it, like what happened?’ And they didn’t play the first part of the interview where we talked about there were gonna be questions about 15 different head coaches’ futures this year. It’s gonna be an incredibly tumultuous January. It usually is. We talked about the fact that there have been 6.9 coaching changes per year on average going back to 2007 … I expect at least seven this year, maybe more. So it was all about that. And then, Pat Kirwan, who I have great respect for, who knows this league incredibly well, who is also very plugged in, said someone he knows and has great respect for is convinced, and he said it almost as a report, that Chip Kelly is leaving. He doesn’t know what to make of that, but what do you? And my answer to that, that I listened back to twice, was I think this is a situation that bears watching. I think the fans in Philadelphia … the word I used is ‘sick of Chip’ at this point in time. I said he’s probably sick of the situation. I think probably a better word choice would have been ‘They’re tired of him, and he’s tired of the whole situation.’ And that this is where it’s at right now. It’s a strained relationship today.”

“I never said his days in Philadelphia are numbered. I never said he’s out after this year. I don’t think I said anything that’s any different than probably you said on that show, people that called in. I think there’s a question as to whether or not Chip will be back next year. Is that an unfair statement? That’s my belief from talking to various people, and we’ll see how it plays out. I don’t know that he wants to be back, I don’t know they want him back, I don’t know these things. That’s why it bears watching. Because there’s a question about that. Am I wrong about that? You tell me.”

“The questions increase with each loss this team has … Ultimately in the end, I believe after this season, we’ll be wondering whether or not he stays or goes, whether that’s his choice or the team’s choice … There’s a question about his future in Philadelphia. I don’t see the big headline there, I guess I’m missing that. I listened back twice because as soon as I hung up I started getting texts from various people saying ‘Can you come on and discuss your report that Chip’s leaving,’ and I’m like, ‘What report that Chip’s leaving?'”

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That’s great, guys, but, two things: 1) That’s not a quote either (!!!)– he didn’t actually say those words (read transcription). And 2) it was 97.5 in the first place that blew up his comments locally:

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Chip may leave after the season. He probably won’t. But he may. That doesn’t change the fact that Schefter was merely speculating – like the rest of us – about things not looking so good right now. Holy balls. It’s like all the A-players and editors took off this week and left the media machine to the inmates. Get a grip, people.

Audio of the interview with Gargano is here.