Anthony Gargano Lectures Fletcher Cox on Post-Game Pleasantries

Not Fletcher Cox-- but one of the exchanges to which Gargano was referring

This was incredibly awkward: Anthony Gargano had Fletcher Cox on his show this morning, and he tried to take him to task about smiling in a jovial post-game powwow after the Eagles lost, the classic scorching take on a common NFL thing. He was hesitant to even bring it up:

“When you’re losing, you know how it is, Fletch: No one wants to see anybody yuck it up with anybody on the other team. So what was the deal with you and Bennie Logan? Bennie talked about it, right? About being … he was from some hometown, some of the guys hometown, is that the deal?”

If you want to call out a player for smiling when you think he shouldn’t be smiling – a stupid idea to begin with – come out and do it. Don’t dance around the subject and throw out a half-assed question at the end of it. Fletch didn’t care:

“We don’t get caught up in that, man. That’s crazy. And I don’t care about what anybody has to say about it. We’re NFL players, we’re pros, we respect each other. You know, who cares that we’re talking to the other team? It had no effect on us winning or losing that game. I mean, of course you want to respect each other. You wanna laugh and play, but when it’s the time to get serious, you get serious.And Bennie is like that. Bennie likes to play, I like to play. But when it’s time to get serious, it’s time to get serious. Nobody cares about what the outsiders think, because he was talking to his ex-teammates, or he was laughing with Jameis. That’s out of respect.

Gargano: Just know though, when you’re losing, fans never wanna see that. Just understand it. Because Brian Dawkins … when you’re losing, no smiles. Just remember that. Because in this day and age, Fletch, cameras catch everything. And what you seem as innocent, you think it’s innocent, people go ‘Oh, you’re getting your ass kicked and you’re smiling and laughing.’ And that doesn’t come across well.

Cox: I mean it don’t, from people on the outside, but I mean I don’t think anybody can take my smile away. Cause I’m gonna smile, you know, through the good and the bad.

Gargano: Yeah, I hear ya. But you know what I’m talking about. Like Brian Dawkins, this isn’t just fans, Brian Dawkins talked about this.

Cox: Everybody respects Brian and everybody knows, you know, he’s well known in Philly, but I mean of course we were losing and if everybody felt like Bennie was wrong, then, I mean, he was wrong. But he’s like me, nobody can take his smile away.

Gargano: Yeah, and look, nobody wants you to lose that smile. That’s such a beautiful thing about ya. It’s a great smile that you have. It’s a great smile. [But] you know … 45-17 to the Buccaneers is unacceptable, at home. You know? I mean that’s what it comes down to. Because you’re right, all the other stuff is window dressing. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s all about context, right? You’re sitting there going, who cares? What’s the big deal? We gotta win a game. It’s not about stupid things like that.

Cox: And that’s the most important part about it, we lost … I know that everybody is ready to go. We know what we gotta do on Thursday. To win a football game. And that’s the most important thing right now, I don’t think anything else matters.”

Here’s what those fans Gargano was talking about don’t want to admit: The players don’t care – and shouldn’t care – if you think they should smile or not. You may want every game to be a war where the opposing team is your sworn enemy, but that’s not the case. There aren’t that many professional football players. Many of them played together/played against each other for years/grew-up together. There’s a bond amongst people who do a thing only a select group of people do. That’s why LeBron and Chris Paul ride banana boats together. It’s why Bill Clinton and George Bush fly around the world together. It’s why Stephen Colbert keeps interviewing his competition.

When you have a sports talk radio host telling one of the Eagles’ best players how he should behave on the field, it’s flat-out insulting. You can almost hear Cox rolling his eyes at the stuttering and mumbling of Gargano’s probing question, which he tried to punctuate with an “I’m just looking out for you” note. But Cox doesn’t need Gargano’s advice or his condescension. He (and you) can’t tell him how to act, and the faux-outrage over a dude flashing a smile isn’t going to make the argument swing your way.

Kyle: Dawkins, Dawkins, Dawkins. Everything is always Brian Dawkins. Dawkins is 42. Cox is 24. He didn’t grow up around here. He doesn’t genuflect at the alter of Brian Dawkins. No argument that Dawkins is a special type of player, but invoking B-Dawk in a condescending interview with one of the few Eagles you’d keep around if you blew this whole thing up is absurd. Why on Earth would you lecture Fletcher Cox of all people? Get off Cox’s balls.

UPDATE: It’s worth noting 97.5 considered this interview a highlight and actively promoted it this morning:

Voila_Capture 2015-11-24_02-17-17_PM

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47 Responses

    1. Fletcher Cox handled that marble mouthed fat faced hack pretty well. Next time Fleth should just tell Gargano to shut the fuck up and Dont lecture me ever again , You make a buck380 talking on the radio to a bunch a morons all day.

  1. Huge Gargano fan here, but I couldn’t agree more.

    Also – that show is becoming unlistenable with all the Chip hate.

    1. The media and bum ass callers need to take a look at Washington and the Titans, and seriously think about whether or not they want to start the coaching carousel.

      1. You’re right. Its better to keep Fat Steve Spurrier who is in so far over his head he is walking on the ocean floor than it is to end this doomed experiment and move on.

        1. That would be fine…if there weren’t wide open receivers being ignored on 85% of their snaps. Watch some tape, educate yourself. If they focus on the o-line during the upcoming draft, Hicks comes back and plays like he had all year, and they manage to get an above-average receiver, they could be a pretty dangerous team. Anyone who didn’t think that this was basically a complete offensive rebuild was fooling themselves.

          1. he isn’t here to educate himself, just wants to bitch and moan and claim everything sucks because he’s a miserable guy

          2. Problem is, they should’ve focused on the O-line last year. Chip didn’t. They thought they spent their last two first round picks on above average receivers. They didn’t. They should’ve brought in a QB who can hit the wide open receivers you speak of. Chip didn’t. Maybe they can use their second round pick to land a stud O-lineman or receiver. Ohhhh, that’s right Chip gave that away too.

            Also, which one is it? You say that there are open receivers 85% of the time, then you say they need a top tier receiver? Maybe Steve Mason isn’t the one who should be educating himself. And for God sake remove that dumbass picture of yourself driving.

          3. Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

            This decline has been coming for a long time. Those 10-6 teams also benefited from catching a ton of breaks.

            It has nothing to do with receivers being open not getting looks. It has to do with this Mickey Mouse revolutionary scheme being figured out by every team in the NFL with the exception of the Giants.

            He can’t evaluate talent. His offense is based solely on tempo which severely limits the amount of plays. Said tempo obsession also leads to a defense being near dead come late October every year because they are on the field for 45 minutes a game. He lost the locker-room two years in a row now. He constantly deflects blame from himself. He alienates any decent player who doesn’t buy in 1000% to his sports science BS. He can’t make in-game adjustments. Anything else I miss?

            Give it up.

          4. People harp on how he went 10-6 his first two seasons here. Yet they conveniently leave out how he was out coached and lost a home playoff game the first year. And in the second year he started 9-3, and finished 10-6 and missed the playoffs. What a football genius!

  2. (Call from yesterday) Miikkkee, waaahhhh, oh my god Mike, this team it so bad I’m going to jump off the Ben Franklin, waahh, Mike this team is terrible and I cant go on, waahh, Mike……

    1. Keep it together Bernie. we have a quiet, isolated room for you at the hospital with plenty of ativan and xanax on hand.

    2. Man that’s kinda messed up bruh. I heard that call by Bernie. Dudes in the hospital with some kind of terminal illness it seems. Hes 75 and this defeat crushed him spiritually. There’s so much to make fun of right now that there’s no need to pick on a sick old man that just wants to see his team win before he checks out

  3. Hard hitting questions from the cuz. He thinks he’s a consiglre.
    As much as I hate to say this, Cataldi is a better interviewer, did a better job with Chip yesterday. I really had a hard time typing that.

  4. Your best tag team post ever. It’s embarrassing as a philly fan to breath the same air as people who think this stuff matters and actually get worked up about it. Find another hobby if you can’t handle pro sports.

  5. It’s flat embarrassing being a fan in a city with hosts like this. The way Gargano was talking to him was a joke. The ego on these hosts in this city has reached all time heights. They’re all eskins. If I was an athlete in this city I would hate being here especially if I was an eagles player.

    1. agreed , that was so insulting. If i was Fletcher Cox i would have just hung up and told the Fanatic to not ask me to come on again.

      Of course “the cuz” would spin that as Cox not being able to handle the heat of his tough questions

    2. Cuz: ” hey man, yuk yuk yuk , you know how it is…..slap on the back, I mean, cuz, I know you are trying your hardest … I your friend???…but it’s hard as a fan, you know, when cuz, yuk yuk yuk you smile. Did that make you upset?”

  6. I couldn’t agree more with Gargano. Millennials are soft and need a kick in the ass. If ever there was a guy you could use as an example, it’s Brian Dawkins. Guy is like a God around here and his interview yesterday is why.

    1. I usually hate “Millenial” talk.

      But yea. This is a problem in work places. If you are doing a crappy job at work, wipe the smile off your face.

      It just means your boss will have no qualms about laying you off because he knows you will still have that stupid smile on your face.

      Also, don’t joke about how hungover you are at work..

    1. Yea thats been going on for awhile. I remember back in June asking a friends friend who works at the station why MCW had a job considering she sounded like a high school A/V nerd. Turns out that is the only reason she is employed.

      1. Thought the same thing. She sounds like she’s had no formal training whatsoever – like a kid learning to read . A thousand broadcast journalism majors could do a better job. And I assume she’s not even hot since she’s on radio.

    2. The station should have put his foot down and said that’s not going to be a condition of your employment. You can’t put someone on the air who is below standard because you have dating relationship outside of the studio.

  7. Also enough with Broan dawkins. Great player no doubt. But the guy didn’t win dick here. I don’t need t take everything he says as gospel

    1. People always seem to forget Dawkins being embarrassed on the field by Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald during that ’08 NFC Championship game.

  8. Is Cuz the same sports guy who was calling that Chip dude a genius appx. 30 minutes ago or the sports guy who said this year’s Eagles wide receivers might be the best in club history 3 months ago?

    I get my Philly sports jobbers mixed up all the time.

    Pleeze help.


    1. Cuz “Primo” Gargano is the idiot who said he had a hard time finding more than 1 or 2 losses on the Eagles Schedule.

  9. The best part of the interview was how Gargano got off the phone with him and his morning crew kissed his ass for saying the “tough question” and “representing the fans”. In reality though, he danced around asking it and tried to make like they were boys by calling him “fletch” and telling him how great his smile was every 5 seconds.

  10. That Gargano exchange with Cox is absolutely classic Cuz. I’m surprised he didn’t thrown in an obligatory SPAGS shout-out. Long ago, Gargano lost his journalism credentials and became the ultimate FANBOY and PAL to the sports figures he was supposed to cover. I just about PUKED listening to Gargano tap dance around the issue. Hey, Cuz, grow a friggin pair.

  11. This is Philadelphia, we don’t want to hear that crap. That guy you just tried to explain sportsmanship to, he drives a Frito Lay truck 60 hours a week. He just slashed the tires of a Herr’s truck on his 15 minute break that is operated by his brother in law.

    When a Philadelphian blows off his kids on a Sunday to buy an $80 ticket and drink 17 cans of beer in the parking lot before a 1:00 game only to lose to lousy Tampa Bay, he just wants the whole world to feel as angry and alone as he feels.

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