Coming Soon: The Full Philly Sports Roast Between Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra

Anything on The Roast?

Indeed there is. I’m happy to announce that Crossing Broad will be the official home for the full video of Joe Conklin’s Philly Sports Roast of Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra. It will be available for download exclusively on CB… and some of your comments might just have found their way into it. Coming soon.


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    1. Yea, but Dykstra thinks “five grand” is $500,000.

      Money is not really his strong point.

  1. I hope your proud of yourself Kyle. These two men are the only true legacy this city has. Way to throw them to the wolves just to bump up your football views.

  2. Eh.

    I want to watch two WT old drunken slobs insult each other and rehash a decades old grudge, I can head to virtually any bar from Ridley to Glenolden any night of the week. ZZZzzzzzzz.

    1. Can’t stand when chicks post inspirational quotes on social media. Just post some tity & ass pic and shut up

  3. Cannot wait to see who is the bigger piece of garbage out of these two low lives. Is it drunk groping Mitch or that nut ball roof head Dykstra.

  4. huge philly sports fan, but i just dont care about this at all, not even a little bit. is that wrong?

    1. Kyle meant streaming… Nobody downloads anything anymore, who has the space??? And why would anyone want this shit show stored on their computer??? I’m sure it will be streamed for free.

      1. Hey genius, the fact that Kyle wrote “It will be available for download” and the promo ends with “Order now” would imply that it’s a download, NOT streaming and NOT free.

        1. if he really charges for it , it will be the funniest thing ever. could be the end of Crossing Broad, that much egg on your face is hard to come back from.

  5. If Joe Conklin really thinks that anyone would actually pay for this , that is the most adorable thing ever. If that is the case, and I hope it is, Kyle please post the numbers of people who bought it, that will be even funnier!

    1. I’m only paying for the download if it comes with a free Pick Up The Shield t-shirt.

      1. I want one of the Mo-ne shirts he started selling after they lost. Gotta be 500+ in his basement.

  6. If 1 person pays for this thing I will be stunned.

    If you put the entire thing on YouTube….I might skim through it.

  7. Easiest prediction ever:
    Kyle will claim 50,000 ‘hits’ on his download page
    Kyle will make up an inflated number of purchases, since no one can verify
    Kyle will peddle that number to any media who will promote it
    Kyle will tell us that figure is true, because it was written in the Metro paper or some zero-rated FOX-29 show
    Kyle will attach a six-figure dollar figure to all those purchases, proclaiming himself a master at marketing

    Kyle’s cannot change his stripes, his no-class bottom-feeder mindset is very predictable
    Sadly, he won’t go away because he represents a small minority portion of our city’s fan base very well

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