There’s a story going around today –, Liberty Ballers – in which Dario Saric says he’s coming to the Sixers next summer. It comes via a translation of this Turkish article. Here’s the Google translation:

“I am in constant contact with the Sixers, they wanted me as soon as possible, but I have a contract with Efes. Terminate it is not the same as going to the market and buy a kilogram of cucumbers. But in the summer I will still go because I have a way out in the contract.”

An alternate version of the quote, which seems to include a line from another interview (this one) and is perhaps a bit more assertive about wiggling out of the Efes contract, that was originally transcribed by a Redditor is the one making the rounds on and Liberty Ballers, however:

“I’m in constant contact with the Sixers, and they wanted me to come this summer, but I couldn’t get out of the contract. Next summer I have a way out, and I’m gonna take it. I’ll try to go out as the Euroleague champion. That’s the dream.”

Good news! Dario Saric is coming to the Sixers next summer… according to a Google translation and someone on Reddit. The tank is slow and painful, but with the addition of possibly four first round draft picks, Joel Embiid (maybe), and Saric, the Sixers could really start putting this thing together next year.