Eagles – Lions: 5 Counterpunches

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles surprised everyone by being even worse than last week. It didn’t seem possible.

On the team’s own website, Chris McPherson apologized to fans for the game, Ike Reese called out [some of] the players for not doing everything they could to win, and Greg Cosell identified Malcolm Jenkins as the guy who missed key tackles allowing Ameer Addullah’s 23-yard run today as well as Doug Martin’s 84-yard run last week.

That was the team’s own announcers. And everyone else was more negative, as they should have been.

You know how bad they played, and you probably watched at least part of the game, or you wouldn’t be reading this. So there’s no point rehashing that part of the story. Here are five other points worth considering. Not everyone played terribly or gave up. And since this team is sure to get blown up this off-season, perhaps including the coaches, it’s important to note where the problems were.

1. Real injuries hurt this team.

It wasn’t only lack of effort. The offense was moving well until Jason Peters left the game, after a lineman rolled up on his leg. Then the drive moved backwards and Caleb Sturgis sproinked a field goal off the post. Jason Kelce had entered the game hobbled by a bad knee, and the offense couldn’t weather these two weak spots at key positions in their ultrathin offensive line.

Sanchez was under severe pressure the rest of the game, taking six sacks and nine hits while the run game evaporated. This team’s problems this year started with Chip Kelly not investing enough in the offensive line, and that failure (more than scheme or play calling) has been the root of this team’s troubles.

Then Nolan Carroll broke his ankle, leaving 6’1″ rookie Eric Rowe to cover 6’5″ superstar Calvin Johnson. Rowe actually did pretty well in his first extended action. He didn’t shut down Megatron but he played him tightly, gaining experience and confidence that will help him going forward. Meanwhile though, Detroit ran away with the game.

Later in the game, Josh Huff finally got his first target since the 39-yard touchdown he scored early against Tampa Bay — and was promptly knocked out of the game with a concussion. Obviously not having Ertz, Ryan Mathews or Sam Bradford is crippling this offense as well. Kiko Alonso seems to be trying, but is obviously hurt by his partial MCL tear and it’s not clear what he’s adding to this team to justify the risk of a worse re-injury.

2. Billy Davis’ stubbornness hurt it more.

While Rowe played well-ish, there was no need to have him play the Lions’ best receiver man to man without much safety help. Last year, Davis refused to bench Bradley Fletcher through the three game losing streak even as he was victimized by opponents over and over. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Davis’ scheme or play calls, but his bull-headedness is costing the team games and making it too easy for opponents to out-coach him.

We don’t know for sure if Davis coached his players to give such a huge cushion to Detroit receivers, or if they just stopped caring. Either way, it’s on Davis.

With all the Eagles’ defensive talent, two terrible teams dropped 90 points on his head over the last two weeks. End of story.

Whether Chip stays or not this off-season, Davis needs to be replaced, and he will be. Maybe this week. In fact, an immediate firing would be a sign that Lurie might want to keep Chip around, while honoring the obvious need for change.

3. Sanchez was not that bad.

Even with all the pressure, Sanchez did reasonably well today. He was 19-27 for 199 yards and two TDs, giving him a quarterback rating of 116.1. He wasn’t even intercepted, a week after tossing three balls to Buccaneer defenders. And he scrambled for a first down. Last Sunday’s loss had a lot to do with Sanchez’ play, but not today’s. The Eagles still desperately need Bradford back next week, and he has 10 days to heal up now.

4. Not every Eagle stopped trying.

Just most of them. Don’t get me wrong, the team as a whole surrendered, especially the defense. Chip did too, punting on 4th and two with 2:15 left in the 3rd and the Birds down 38-7.

To my eye, these players kept scrapping throughout: Vinny Curry, Connor Barwin, DeMeco Ryans, Brandon Graham, Jordan Matthews, Walter Thurmond, Sanchez, Seyi Ajirotutu, Darren Sproles, Eric Rowe, Kenjon Barner, Jason Peters, Brent Celek, Bennie Logan, Fletcher Cox, and Taylor Hart. That’s only 16 of 46 active players.

Everyone else deserves scrutiny, especially DeMarco Murray and the linebackers. Players who did NOT look all in or willing to tackle include (to my eye) Murray, Mychal Kendricks, and Byron Maxwell. All three signed big contracts this off-season

5. Chip was humbled after the game.

Of course, he should have been, but it wasn’t a given. The coach had no attitude, no guff. There was no blaming, no talk about “execution” or just having to make plays. He knows he is coaching poorly and would be fired by many if not most owners after this. And he might well be.

But whether he stays in Philadelphia, becomes an offensive coordinator with some other team, or licks his wounds on the New Hampshire Seacoast for a couple of years, that change of attitude is one of the few signs of hope for the future out of all this mess today.

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20 Responses

  1. anyone else which they could have hot steamy sex with 97.5’s MCW/Maureen Williams? I think she is really hot!!! You guys agree? You guys think she has ever had a booty call buddy?

    1. That’s my girl your taking about there. If I could get my fat sloppy ass off of my Aubt Floss’ couch id come looking for you. MCW gets under the desk for one man. And one many only. Renew when I was leading the chip bandwagon preseason, Bo?

  2. To all the Chip Kelly supporters out there, what good would it be to give Kelly an extra year? How can he possibly fix this mess in one offseason? It’s not like this team needs a few tweaks. It’s due a complete overhaul. And what good free agents are going to want to come here to play under Kelly? The man’s reputation in the NFL is shot.

  3. Chip’s offense hasn’t been able to stay on the field for more than a minute at a time all year, so is it any wonder the wheels finally fell off the defense? But sure Mark, fire Billy Davis. That’ll solve their problems, lol!

  4. Why can’t the Eagles go remedial? Stop the 40 second possessions, huddle-up, get under center and run a real offense. Something more than the same 5 plays. Maybe even let the QB call a play at the line. As for the defense, how about a zone for a change? Why in the world would you run man when the receivers you are playing against are way better athletes. When Jimmy Johnson was running the defense it was next to impossible to figure out the match-ups, and that was with superior athletes. I am figuring that Chip’s approach only works when you have (very) weak opponents. I think everyone studied the Ohio State vs. Oregon tape last year to figure out how to crush Chip’s offense and defense., even with his boy at QB. I don’t get it .

    1. i agree with half of this, the part about Chip to be exact. I knew the guy was stubborn, but he is bordering on retardation at this point. I figured he brought Demarco and Ryan Mathews in to pound the ball more, but he is running more sweep plays than ever. There is a misconception about Murray and Mathews needing to run behind a FB or at least have the qb under center….it’s bullshit. Mathews was one of the best RB’s out the shotgun set in football and Murray ran mostly out of the singleback but also was successful in Dallas running out of the shotgun. The difference now is that these guys are being asked to run east-west more than ever and it’s just not what they do, they are capable of it, but it isn’t how you want to use them. Back to the formations, It would be useful if Chip did run plays to Demarco with a qb under center just to get him running downhill early in the game as this would also open up plays downfield for receivers….the only weeks i saw Chip experiment with this were the Giants and Saints games and he did it last year when they beat the Giants at home. He also has zero feel for a game, like he doesn’t understand momentum. The offense gets in a rut and he keeps trying to implore tempo, he runs plays just for the sake of running plays….he doesn’t let the QB take a look at the defense and try to adjust. Like against Miami, the Dolphins had 9 FUCKING PLAYERS in the box with a safety high and two DB’s covering 3 receivers , perfect time for a quick screen….but Bradford just got everyone set, snapped the ball and gave it to Murray for a yard….a total wasted play. Around the same time in that game, possibly same drive, Bradford did try to audible with a quick throw to Miles Austin but like a good soldier Austin ignored the fact that he was uncovered and just started running his route. Chip’s offense is it’s own worst enemy to the team overall (when they are not getting first downs). The fundamentals, effort, execution and discipline on this team is so bad, it’s crazy knowing they have actually won 4 games so far.

      On your Ohio State-Oregon thing……to me that game was just a difference in talent. Oregon doesn’t get a whole lot of top notch recruits, a few here and there but not like the SEC teams do nor a school like Ohio ST. with Urban Meyer at the helm. Oregon needed to play a perfect game to beat them, they forced some turnovers but dropped a lot of passes and were missing their best receiver

  5. Eagles suck ass right now and I hate all you eagles fans…. but I got a feeling you guys might get a win next week. I think the Pats are gonna over look u guys cause u r looking sooo bad right now. Not practical but possible.

    1. Belicheat will relish the opportunity to expose Chippah the Great Pretender. He’ll hang 50 on this bunch of chumps.

  6. Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Poor fuckin’ pathetic Eagles and their fans! Not everyone was surprised! You think it can’t get worse? Wait until they play the Patriots! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! You know what’s more pathetic? If the stinking ass Eagles pulled off a miracle and beat the Lions, the poor pathetic fans would have started their Super Bowl chant again! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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