FanSince09 Is Teaching Underprivileged Kids in India Some Hot Philly Sports Takes

FanSince09 might now be best known for his twitter sleuthing that led to the arrest of those involved in that Center City gay bashing, but that’s not all he does. He’s also all about educating the youth in a real class in India:

How this is done is FS09’s closely guarded secret, but it’s good to know there are kids halfway across the world that now know what “The Process” is and trust it more than Howard Eskin.


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  1. gay bashing? really? you mean the extra penalty for getting into a fight with someone who is above the law now? so much for equal protection… I guess some people are more equal than others.

    you truly are a dope.

    1. Yes, that would be the case if they fought and one party turned out to be gay. Not, they fought them because they were gay. If you can’t tell the difference you probably are voting Trump.

      1. Eat a dick. Seriously you should eat a dick, then it would be “more” illegal to beat your stupid ass.

  2. this is a relatively funny piece of internet material, at least worthy of a grin, that you have managed to drag into the shit with your pointless writing and awful sense of humor.

    have a great weekend, jim, you continue to suck

  3. Not that big of a secret…it’s done on anyone can do this you idiot

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