UPDATE: Madden 16 Is Only $25 on Amazon Today

Stop what you’re doing. Thinking about buying Madden for yourself, loved on this holiday season? Amazon will have Black Friday deals on sports video games, but they’ve fired early on Madden. $35 (regularly $59.99) today only. Both PS4 and Xbox One. Get it. It’s fantastic. My review from release day.

UPDATE: It’s only $25 now!

And while you’re at it– not a flash sale, but NBA 2k16 is only $47.

Reminder: If you shop at Amazon over the holidays, use our link and we get a small kickback.

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12 Responses

    1. Yes but Kyle doesn’t have an affiliate link for Walmart so he’ll never post that.

  1. Now that I’m heading to the joint I’m on a mission. I’m gonna find that bastard that killed Jonbenet and I’ma f u c k him up. She was so f u c k i n g hot.

  2. Why should anyone go out of their way to click YOUR amazon link to give YOU commission on their purchases?

    Seriously, what value have you (ever) presented that entitles you to get paid for my people’s purchases??

    A very low-rent, moocher-move if you ask me…

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