Former Cowboys Running Back Joseph Randle Got Arrested Again

Before the season, Cowboys fans stood behind Joseph “DeMarco Murray left a lot of meat on the bone” Randle. A couple of a weeks ago, the Cowboys cut Joseph “I once got arrested for stealing cologne and underwear while being a millionaire” Randle. Last night, cops arrested Joseph “I refuse to leave this casino” Randle.

According to TMZ, Randle was at a casino in Kansas (maybe the saddest non-airport gambling locale) when he was asked to leave for being too drunk. He disagreed, so on the way out, he “spit on the floor and assaulted a security officer,” as you do. He was transported to jail on charges of “felony criminal threats, misdemeanor assault of a law enforcement officer, interference with a law enforcement officer, battery, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.” Not a lot of meat left on that bone. He picked up all them charges.


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    1. Exactly! A stupid fuckin’ N I G G G E R acting like a stupid fuckin’ N I G G G E R! Don’t axe me bout where’s bees duh white bitches! Bitch!

  1. You are obsessed with the Cowboys. You must post articles on every thing that any former or current Cowboys player does…because your team fucking stinks. Hey, why aren’t you making Chimp Kelly shirts that say “We’re From Philadelphia and We Lose?”

    Dem boys lost 7 in a row after having a roster wrecked with injuries and we STILL have a shot of beating the Pigeons for the NFC East. How’s that make you losers feel?


  2. The cowboys lost 7 in a row because they fucking blo. Try back next year if you want to talk shit, your boys are a joke

  3. Commission spokesman Fred Waller says the Cowboys No. 1 running back starting this season, was playing blackjack, being belligerent and causing an issue on the casino floor, at which point he was asked by security to leave. And, Waller says, he did for a moment.

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