Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle Parody Adele to Sing about the Pitiful NFC East

You know what? The words aren’t even that funny, and the “Eagles don’t have an offensive line” joke is meh, but this still cracks me up. Maybe I haven’t had time to tire of “Hello” spoofs and jokes yet, or maybe something about Rob Riggle in a blond mustache lip-syncing to an Adele sound-a-like really does it for me.

And yes, we know this aired last Sunday on FOX.

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9 Responses

  1. My mom e-mailed this to me yesterday.

    My mom only sends e-mails on Thursdays.

    Jim, you are slower than my mom’s Thursday E-mail reports.

    That’s ok though, as long as Kyle lets you post stories that get racists jokes in the comment section. I wonder how Sports Vault feels about their ad appearing on a page with racist jokes in the comment section. I will have to e-mail them and find out.


    Charles Lindbergh has flown across the Atlantic!

  3. Why am I capitalized in the words parody and pitiful? Please don’t use me anymore.

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