Lane Johnson Has Just Gone Ahead and Added Himself to the Shit List

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Johnson, speaking to Philly Mag’s Josh Paunil:

“If we get down by any significant amount of points or we don’t make any first downs, we’re doing to get booed. That’s just kind of how it is. It’s not really home field advantage playing here anymore. Really, that’s the truth. Cats here, they don’t really care.”

This season… it is a… it is a… a FUCK!

You are now free to hate this team.

I submit “Cats here, they don’t really care” to the list of all-time Philly sports quotes. This isn’t going to end well for Lane.


Side note: There’s a Crosswalk post which sort of proves Lane right, however.

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33 Responses

  1. And that is why I will always be the People’s Champ.

    And why Lane The Block Johnson will always be the People’s Chump.

  2. Well, he’s certainly not wrong.

    I don’t see the big deal with what he said. Kyle stop being such a whiny little bitch and go J/O to Jay Wright and the shitty nova basketball team

  3. pampered sheltered millionaires who have had their asses kissed their entire life …… like to be pampered and have their asses kissed?

    news at 11.

  4. He’s not wrong at all…..but this dude is becoming the king of saying shit you should normally keep to yourself when talking to the Media

  5. This makes me sick, Brian Dawkins would never say anything like this. Brian Dawkins. Brian Dawkins wouldn’t let stuff like this happen on his watch. Brian Dawkins.

  6. Yeah, he is 100% correct. Anyone who is mad at him for saying that is mad that Fletcher Cox smiles during a game. The Eagles had lost 2 games in a row in the beginning of the season and had to leave for the Jets a few days earlier because of the Pope. They all said it was nice to be away from the city. What does that say about our fan base? The players don’t want to play here because we have some of the most annoying, misinformed, uneducated fans that would fire Chip Kelly today to hire Rob Ryan because Buddy was a coach here a lifetime ago. It’s insanity. This city sucks.

  7. It not just Philly go to any legit sports city and the fans are rough on the home team. I guarantee you in Columbus Ohio right now there are people ripping Urban Meyer after Saturday’s lost. If anything the fans for the eagles went into this season prepared to throw rose petals at this team and it’s coach. It took an utter disaster of a two game stretch to get the fans at the linc to turn on them. When a team with a rookie quarterback sets passing and rushing records on you what the f do you want. What did Lane want the fans to cheer on Sunday. This disgrace of a team has not given the fans one thing to cheer about. Fuck Chip, Lane, Fletcher and everyone of these cowards who want to deflect balm for their under performance.

    1. Which is why we left after the 3rd quarter. More important things to do than support this joke of a team.

  8. When you put a terrible product out there, your consumers aren’t going to be happy. That’s like a terrible restaurant crying over their bad reviews when they deliver Buffalo Wild Wings level service. You want these passionate fans to support you? Give us something to support. Ask Phillies players between 07-11 how these fans are. This Eagles team is a joke.

  9. Stop stirring the fucking pot, you trolling opportunistic loser.

    “Oooh, a way for me to insert myself in this, yeaaaa!”.

  10. He’s not lying, this fanbase is so fucking sensitive that whenever someone tells the truth about it, they all get bent out of shapeup, the 1st series of the game is a prime example.

    However, that being said, the teams (and this goes to the Sixers, Flyers and Phillies as well) do it to themselves and dont help things.

  11. Come on Kyle, shit out that ingenuity you pretend to possess and come up with a tee shirt idea using that quote.

  12. I’m sort of surprised by the outpour of support for Lane Johnson’s comments on here. Yes, fans can be boorish. Yes, fans can be sensitive. Yes, some are rotten human beings. But this team plain sucks and doesn’t deserve the support from this fanbase or any fanbase.

    1. Get over yourself. The fans at the game are always terrible. Been that way since they built the Linc. There is no home field advantage and everyone is always waiting for something bad to happen.

  13. Actually the linc is incapable of creating enough noise to be an advantage. The linc is open ended and will never hold noise like other stadiums in Seattle or Kansas city

    1. You do know it’s 2015 and they closed the whole stadium now with seats so no one can see the game at all unless ass in their seat, right? Have you been in the past 2 years? Moron.

  14. You defend Cox aka garganos boy “fletch” but bitch about johnson? Who really cares, he’s right anyway.

  15. While I think us, the fans are overblowing the players interacting with one another after the game, but this was a dumb thing to say. I understand no body likes being booed or hearing criticism but players have to understand that we aren’t being paid to be fans …we spend our hard earned money to come to games, buy clothing, etc…We essentially pay your salary. I get that it’s been a rough season for you, but it is for us too. While this is your job, this is our escape…some pro athletes don’t seem to understand that. But us as fans should understand that players aren’t fans and don’t care about the team as much as we do. These players are essentially mercenaries playing for a paycheck.

  16. Where were the best fans in football midway through the 3rd quarter? Fucking frauds! I’m tired of this town and sports radio stations talking up Philadelphia fans likely rank anywhere near the top in the country we are nothing but a bunch of front runners and as soon as our team is down and out we abandon them. And don’t give me the nonsense about the Phillies stinking this year or the Eagles giving us nothing to cheer about because guess what the Cardinals fans would still support that team if they stunk you certainly wouldn’t see 15000 people there like we did here this summer and there are far better NFL fan bases then these sucker Eagle fans that give up and leave halfway through a game.

  17. Ridiculous, You don’t fraternize with the opposing team during the game. what do is try to kick their buts. After the game is over, ifd you want to shake hands and/or say afew words fine. You NEVER saw Bdawk joke with the other team during a game. Take lesson from that Fletcher

  18. How can people agree with him? The reason they boo is because they care. People are paying good money to go see this team lay an egg week after week. Do t put this on the fans … put it on the teams inability to “execute”. They’re inability to sustain drives. They’re inability to show us what this “offensive genius” can do on offense. Shit… how about the inability to avoid dumb ass penalties at terrible times. Or the inability to catch a pass that hits a receiver in the hands.

    It’s not us, it’s you, Lane. You cats don’t seem to care. And the entire team showed it against Tampa. Don’t blame the fans

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