Last Year’s Preview of the Eagles – Bucs game

Jameis Winston derping in the Rose Bowl

It’s a bit of stretch, but last year’s college Rose Bowl game was a sort of preview of Philadelphia’s game against Tampa Bay, today.

It was Jameis Winston’s final collegiate game, of course, and he was facing the Oregon Ducks who were running Chip Kelly’s system for the 6th year. Successor coach Mark Helfrich has largely kept Kelly’s schemes intact, including his 3-4 defensive front with interchangeable DBs, a deceptive pass rush and a focus on strip sacks and interceptions. And he has done well with them.

The key points:

  • Winston’s only college loss ever as a starting QB was to Chip Kelly’s defense.
  • However, the Ducks had Marcus Mariota, and the Eagles very much don’t.
  • Fumbles on strip sacks turned the tide of the game. The Eagles lead the NFL.
  • Winston got rattled by the ddeceptive pass rush, leading to the famous play where he slip-fumbled (above).
  • It proves nothing for certain, of course, and Chip Kelly’s teams have had problems with other big, physical quarterbacks (including Terrelle Pryor in a previous Rose Bowl and, especially, Cam Newton at both levels). But the Eagles defensive scheme has disrupted Winston in the past.


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    1. Hope the pathetic eagles keep losing every game so Barney gets fired or leaves for usc

    2. Do you think anyone will purchase a copy of “Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly’s Football Revolution” now that it’s clear how badly Chip fucked up the team?

      1. I kind of want the Eagles to lose out just for the scientific value of seeing what sales would be like.

        Maybe Mark should hold the release until next Christmas when Chip will have a season in the SEC.

    3. I think you meant preview from the National Title game last year versus Ohio State . . . this is starting to feel like 2012 when we all knew Reid was gone.

    4. Hey Kyle, get the Big Balls Chip tee shirts out of storage. I’m sure you can sell all of them at a premium price. OMG, this team is pathetic.

    5. Hey Kyle, you stupid douchebag. Where's that chip Kelly biographer you employ on the weekends? I hope Charlie sheen gives your fetus AIDS says:


            1. Damn iq, aren't you sharp as a tack. You some kind of lawyer or somthin'? Somebody important or somethin'? says:

              Stop being pedantic. You’re not the Internet school marm. Is that one word or 2? Now, blow me.

    6. I guess the question becomes “what is everyone watching on TV on Thanksgiving?”

    7. Was going to pace myself at the bar on my annual thanksgiving morning drinking event . Fuck that now I’m getting f up

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