LeSean McCoy Took Time to Needle Chip Kelly After His Big Game Last Night

LeSean McCoy had a big game in the Bills’ win over the Jets last night, rushing for 112 yards. Afterwards, he sat down with the NFL Network crew, and when asked about Rex Ryan being a players’ coach – perhaps the best players’ coach ever to have missed the playoffs every season since 2010 – he took a moment to remind everyone that some coaches aren’t like that:

“He’s been good to us, he’s a player coach… small example, like we had a short week, for this week. We didn’t practice at all. Walkthroughs, more mental. Because the guys are banged up. You know, you play a physical game like this, you need time to get your body healed up, you need rest and recovery. Things like that, that some coaches don’t look forward to doing. That’s a small example. That’s something that Rex does.”

Somehow, I feel like McCoy didn’t have any complaints about recovery and conditioning after he tore up the Lions for 147 yards in the fourth quarter in Week 14 of 2013, when the cold didn’t bother him anyway. So, LeSean, let it go, let it go, because you and Chip are never, ever getting back together:

Proud of that reference. Proud of it.

H/T to (@jemongen)

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31 Responses

  1. Yeah shady was really banged up on thanksgiving last year. That short week of rest was terrible for him! He was so upset his entire line was back and healthy that game too!

    1. As much as I hate Shady, and thing he’s an animal, I don’t perceive his statements as a shot at Chip.
      Regardless, Shady is a punk, and although I will miss his production, I will not miss him, or his ballerina act in the backfield.

      I noticed the Bills weren’t giving Shady the ball in the red zone at the end of the game last night…….

  2. Would love to take an aluminum baseball bat to that cheap women beater pos McCoy & his man tity blow hard attention wh0re coach Rex Ryan

      1. I bet you wish you added an edit function to the comment section. Whomp whomp.

        1. WordPress admins can edit any comments they want. He could change your comment to “I eat turd sandwiches” if he wanted to.

      2. So, he’s asked about his coach. He compares his current coach to other coaches he’s had experience with, but doesn’t mention anyone by name. As much as I don’t like Shady, I don’t actually see the problem here…

      3. NFL coaches “Chip” has played for??? Come on Kyle, you’re getting as bad as Jim!!!

  3. Anyone hear that loud bitch Shirley on wip this morning ? She’s got her own website now

  4. McCoy is sick in the head. He just can’t let it go and move on. He just has to live with himself and be miserable. That ssatisfies me.

  5. I recently left my wife and children to follow my dream of s career in comedy. Here is one of my characters: an openly gay orderly that accompanied the ambulance that took JFK to Parkland hospital after being shot on November 22, 1963. says:

    “Forget about the head shot, let’s get a look
    at his c o c k! ! Ooooooooh, talk about a grassy knoll!!!! Did you see Jackie’s pink pillbox hat?? So
    tacky. Bitch”

    Thank you

    1. Openly gay in 1963 Texas? It’s just not realistic bro. Maybe your wife will take you back if you get some flowers or something.

    2. how would you feel about doing a sitcom on NBC this fall? You would be a bathroom attendant at the Lincs premium suites. The jokes would mostly be about the rich Eagles fans, and how they all have unusually large penises. What do you think?

      1. I’ll do it. But, only if I have final script and casting approval. Just out of curiosity, are you a J e w?

          1. We just got really busy. Thanks for the offer, but we.’ll pass.

  6. The man child says more stupid things. Meh.

    I remember when this genius used to be on WIP some nights and my opinion of him would drop every time I heard him speak.

    1. loved how you can always tell 20 cent shady was checked out of that show and probably texting throughout it

  7. These ESPN & nfl network pre & post game shows are brutal with all these clueless ex players

    1. They’re unwatchable. I don’t know anybody that watches them or cares about them.

      Also unlistenable these days is Angelo, that old man needs to retire stat. Talking about how brave and tough Jenkins is for playing with a concussion. And then Angelo forgot DeMarco Murray’s name when he tried to talk about him. Smokeshow can’t even save that sinking ship.

    2. have you ever heard them do the highlights? When Irvin is there? sounds like a bunch of wild animals escaping the zoo. Just loud yelling and grunting. Who the hell finds that entertaining?

  8. His WIP showing was fucking awful last year. He would sit there an sulk every week because he wasn’t getting the yardage. I actually felt bad for Gargano having to force feed him to sound human.

    That said, I’d take him over Murray.

  9. Shirley has her own website, twitter and recently attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting Shirley.

    Pretty soon she’ll be doing the overnights on WIP..

  10. I feel SO bad for your future child. How did you ever get your wife pregnant with no testicles?! Fuck you and all of your tween bullshit.

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