Looks like Things Are Just Going Great for the Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com

Philly Media Network – the company that owns the Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com – which just announced massive layoffs earlier this month, is reportedly suing its current landlord at the company’s indiscernible home on 8th and Market because the landlord hasn’t installed signage yet as per the terms of their agreement (…). I’ll ignore the urge to laugh at the absurdity of misplaced priorities – the only signage at CB Sports LLC is a massive pile of baby stuff waiting to be assembled – and point you toward this Tweet from former Phillies beat writer and current metro reporter Matt Gelb (still employed!):

Glad to see things are going well. Although, it could be worse for Gelb et al. They could’ve been laid off, like:

Fun fact: When I started working there back in 2005, the woman running a training session with me and a handful of other new employees answered a question about health benefits (which was very good at the time) with, “What do you expect– we’re Hollywood!”– a reference to the company’s exalted status in the city. Things have gone straight downhill since then, it would seem.

UPDATE: Some anonymous party has taken aim at owner Gerry Lenfest and registered gerrylenfest.com and is tweeting under the handle (@gerrythegrinch). The website includes the following disclaimer: “This satirical site is in no way affiliated with cable magnate and philanthropist H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest or his charitable foundation. After all, Lenfest is an honorable man who would never lay off 46 hardworking journalists around the holidays. We are talking about a smart, capable businessman. One who chose to double down and stay owner of Philadelphia Media Network despite multiple opportunities to recoup his investment and walk away, He stayed because he is dedicated to investigative reporting and quality journalism. Not for any ego-driven purposes whatsoever. If he had a massive ego, Mr. Lenfest would have registered GerryLenfest.com. But he didn’t. We were surprised as you are that that domain was available. If the real Gerry Lenfest however decides he wants to own his own site, we could be happy to entertain an offer. Opening bid: 46 jobs.”


Your papers of record, ladies and gentlemen.

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11 Responses

    1. first it was the CSN ad post whining, now it’s supporting someone else’s embarrassing whining. The P**#$%$ification of america has seeped it’s way into even this

  1. Those liberal rags are like Hollywood? Yes if you compare their filthy politics. I for one am enjoying watching this progressive turd circling the toilet bowl

  2. Why are you highlighting Ryan Lawrence’s whining? 100% sucks to lose a job, and that I feel bad for. Maybe they even made a mistake in letting him go, I don’t know. BUT, come on dude, don’t make other people who kept their job feel guilty for it. Everyone who kept their job should just stop being human? I know that hiring managers at like J Crew and stuff were outted for having parties and posting on social media right after letting people go, and that’s not cool. Also, doesn’t Ryan understand that in 2015, when you interview for a job, that people are going to try and look at your social media. Nobody is going to be excited that you are doing this….

  3. The amount of enemies you make with these posts taking jabs at WIP, Fanatic, CSN, Inquirer… boy I certainly hope this blog doesn’t go south and you need contacts.

  4. Do you think any of the pretty faces on TV will hold Chip’s feet to the f i r e. Johnny Sunshine and The King are too afraid of losing their close and personal relationship with the team. I know the online news site will survive but it’s not the same. People still buy or get delivered print newspapers in the morning. It’s a smaller number than in the past decades but it is significant. When E S P N does a story on our football team they begin by showing headlines from the back pages of local newspapers. Everyone says the newspapers are irrelevant. When you see or listen to press conferences for Chip who asks the questions.
    Other than Sal it’s never anyone from a blog or from some Internet site where your supposed to get your sports stories from. It’s the brick and mortar local newspaper reporters who ask the questions.

  5. how about these guys just go find jobs…we all pick a career, adopt to new media consumption or find something else. Not sure why Kyle is feeding this thing. These guys are ridiculous, if they spent the same amount of time looking for jobs as they do creating websites and twitter handles, they’d probably be off unemployment

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