My New Favorite Chip Kelly Theory

Email from reader Matthew:

Something definitely worth considering, and I’m sure Chip’s agent has heard it too is that this team will be eligible for HBO’s Hardknocks next year.

“The exemptions are:
1. Teams that have appeared on Hard Knocks in the last 10 years.
2. Teams with new head coaches.
3. Teams that have made the playoffs in either of the last two years.”
( )

Well all know how Chip has nothing but contempt for the media and this certainly would be something he hopes to avoid. This combined with possibly going to London.

For the record I’m still #TeamChip but I feel as though I am now in a silent minority. I genuinely believe you have to give this guy more than one season as GM to get it all together.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

P.S If you choose not to write about it that’s fine, but I’m going to send it to other publications Friday if that is the case.

Go on.

Go on!


So we looked it up, and our quick back of chat math says the qualifying teams the NFL could force to do it next season, if the season were to end today, would be the Bills (Rex Ryan already on it), Raiders, Jaguars, Browns, Chargers, Titans, Bucs, Redskins, Rams, Eagles, Saints, Bears and 49ers.

Now, out of those, the top five coaches on the hot seat, besides Kelly, whose teams I’ve taken the liberty of crossing off, are Jim Tomsula (49ers), Mike Pettine (Browns), Mike McCoy (Chargers), Jason Garrett (Cowboys– in playoffs last year), and Jay Gruden (Redskins).

That leaves the Bills, Raiders, Jaguars, Titans, Bucs, Rams, Eagles, Saints and Bears. Which of those teams do you think would make for the most interesting watch? Maybe Matt has a point. Or, maybe, Chip won’t make his career decisions based on the possibility of appearing on a TV show.

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25 Responses

  1. I am a chimp. I play in the NFL. I follow the black matters life movement. I think Chip Kelly is racist. I think any white person is racist. I also go to a college that supports me 100% when I chimp-out. They don’t mine because that is what it is expected of us black folks. What do I know of global events? I don’t read. All I know is that the white man hates me. My own actions are immaterial.

      1. Fuck you liberal. Conservative whites don’t give a shit about your plight. Get an education or get a job is what we say. We profess logic. You idiots want a race war. Go follow one of these blacklivesmatters movements and see what that gets you. I use the word chimp because that is what their behavior is. When they become intelligent and learn how to behave I will use another word: Respect.

        1. You must, literally, have the smallest dick in the world.

          I bet you are the family member nobody wants to invite to Thanksgiving.

      2. rac·ist
        a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

        Yeah, I am a racist. Whites invent things. So so Asians. And Germans. And the Swiss. What do blacks invent again?

        1. George Washington Carver invented peanut butter…which is one of my favorite inventions ever

    1. If for humor, you all missed it. The sterotypical labeling, if serious, is embarrassing and pathetic.

  2. Happy thanksgiving

  3. Some rolling thoughts before I sign off for the weekend

    1. Republicans are just downright evil. Science denying, hateful bigots. Sickening.
    2. Fire Chip Kelly.
    3. Lions 31, Eagles 10. Fire Chip Kelly.
    4. Josh Innes’ show is so boring and dull. Is anyone still listening to this?
    5. Anyone have any good PH recommendations? I can’t find a new, good video.
    6. Black Lives Matter.
    7. I hope Jim chokes on a turkey leg.
    8. The Phillies are closer to a playoff spot than any team in Philadelphia right now.
    9. Temple will play in a NY6 bowl.
    10. But, seriously. Happy Thanksgiving to all the liberal, free-thinkers out there. The close minded hateful, bigoted conservatives can move to Iowa and suck off Jesus. Religion is a scam.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, liberal. I hope you don’t run into a muslim (little m) that doesn’t try to bomb you or an illegal alien that rear-ends your car with no license and doesn’t have insurance.

      1. Sorry. Shouldn’t have taken that $10 and given that guy full service. Should have grabbed the 5 and swallowed.

      2. This is why we don’t invite you to Thanksgiving and you eat cold turkey hoagies alone in your one bedroom apartment in South Philly.

    2. You need to get laid buddy, life is too short to sell your race up the river to the monkeys who could give to shits about yours.

  4. I came here to make a snarky comment but stumbled into a bunch of shit that wouldn’t even cut it as YouTube comments. What the hell are you running here, Kyle?

    1. What Kyle is running here is simple to explain. He wants ALL comments, regardless of being moderated or not vetted, unlike the President of the United States, who spits in American citizen’s faces by allowing muslims (little m) into the country. And you are worried about a Philly sports blog? Get your life right.

  5. Yo Bo! I can’t wait to stuff my face tomorrow. It’s gonna be awwwwwww-sum. What do you think MCW?

    1. I’m ? right now after watching the Sixers blow another 11 point lead, and lose to the Boston Celtics.

      Oh well time to drink at least a dozen ? to get ☺.

  6. Awesome, lets add to the circus by inviting HBO to film Hard Knocks and nearly guarantee another horrific season. No Hard Knocks team has finished well, except the initial season with the Ravens back in 2001.

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