Philadelphia Has Found Its New Kacie McDonnell, and Her Name Is Alex Kraemer

Well would you look at that. If you haven’t been paying attention (meaning you just haven’t been to a game yet), it looks like the Flyers have themselves a new in-arena host. The Sixers have Christian Crosby as theirs, but the Flyers went in a … uh … different direction.

Move over, Dancin’ Shawny, and do make way for Alex Kraemer. She comes to the Flyers from Georgia, where she was in graduate school and worked with the Gwinnett Gladiators (?), conducting pre-game and post-game interviews. And, bonus, she’s new to Twitter!

So why don’t we all give her a follow and welcome her to Philadelphia. I’m sure that’s exactly why I was assigned this post. Oh wait, she has an Instagram too? Let’s gets to know her a bit better:

A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on


A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on

A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on


A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on


A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on


A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on

A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on

A photo posted by Alex Kraemer (@alex_kraemer3) on



Oh, and what’s this– a RT of a photo of Eric Hosmer?!

Voila_Capture 2015-11-10_02-29-11_PM

Oh, the Kacie is strong with this one. Welcome to our comments, Alex.

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44 Responses

  1. Well, I guess I’ll get it started.

    I’d drink a gallon of Alex’s piss to see where it came from through a telescope a few miles away.

    1. No piss play for me, but I’d stuff every one of the orifices in that amazing body of hers.
      She looks like a DIRTY girl…..and I like it.

    1. Not just fake tits and too much makeup… She’s got the horrifically fake tan thing down.

      Honey, you don’t need to personify the orange in “orange and back.”

    1. lol he reposted her own instagram pictures. calling a woman attractive and relentlessly beating her and choking her to within inches of her life are a little different…

    2. Pointing out that a girl is attractive has nothing to do with wanting to leave her bloodied and bruised, you phaggot like these animals do to our women.
      Kill yourself.

  2. I bet her butthole tastes like chamomille tea and smells better than fabreeze. Too bad I’ll never get to know.

    1. Bernie is the biggest pervert I have ever drank with, and I love him.
      The best part is that I had zero idea who the F he was.
      That’s probably the reason he and I got along and was buying me drinks while showing me pictures of his boat and tittties on his 1990’s flip phone.
      Bernie is THE MAN.

  3. Alex, new in town? Come on up to Colonial Nissan and I can get you into a Nissan of your choice. If you can’t make a deal with me, you can’t make a deal with anybady!

  4. Looks like typical Athens soroity girl – I swear that town was two points higher on the ten point scale than any SoCal beach you were ever on. All hot, and all stuck up, tryna snag a husband. Top major at UGA? Home Decorating. I shit you not. ..

  5. She has a dude chin and her eyes are too close together. I’d still lick her a$$hole after feeding her some chipotle.

  6. She looks like 1 of those annoying hot chicks that posts workout videos on Instagram. Like I give a fuck you are doing lat pull downs or shoulder presses.

  7. Let’s take bets on which athlete she’d balls deep in first:

    1) DeMarco Murray
    2) Barwin
    3) Okafor
    4) All of the Flyers at the same time
    5) Pushes out Chinawoman and claims Lurie

    1. yup, totally agree. body is slammin, but i notice a lot of hot girls today have this mannish sculptured face like a marine or some shit. And yes like everyone else here, this chick would fuckin laugh in my face if i even said hi to her. Probably needs her ego stroked at all times and got a job in sports so she can get close to an athlete 1. because let’s face it, the guys are in tip top shape and look good, well most do, and 2. should be #1, they have money and security so when this princess gets her ring and squeezes out a few puppies she can file the divorce and live high on the hog and cougar hunt younger guys. It’s a vicious cycle. These girls are great to look at, but in a way regular guys should be glad they usually don’t land a chick like this….they are never happy, have an insane amount of self worth and will leave you broke

  8. I didn’t know who she was. I was mesmerized. I offered her $500 and my half cup of lager just to touch her ass. Bitch said “for $500, I wouldn’t let you smell my farts. I’l take the lager just because you creep me out. Now take your micro penis back to your abused wife and jerk off to my instagram photos. Have a nice day!”

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