Philly Phaithful Is Having a Massive Black Friday Sale

Wait, what? Someone else’s t-shirts? Are you guys friends? Enemies? Frenemies?

Nah, brah, don’t say that. It’s weird.

Shop Philly Phaithful’s Black Friday Sale

Fact is, this year, 2015, the year of sports bastard-ry in Philadelphia, the sports t-shirt market is hit and miss. Sure, we have a few of our own I’ll be pimping to you ad nauseam over the next few weeks, but also worth noting is Philly Phaithful’s Philadelphia Experience line – Philly themed shirts, with added perks – which they launched this year. They describe it as:

Philly Phaithful is proud to present The Philadelphia Experience (or PHL EXP), a project that celebrates the city of Philadelphia through originally designed apparel and unique prize packages from local business partners, including Di Bruno Brothers, Federal Donuts and the Electric Factory.

Each month we’ll release a new set of three tees. If you purchase any shirt as part of PHL EXP, you’re automatically entered to win a unique “Experience” presented by a local business partner. A portion of each purchase will also go the monthly charity, as chosen by our rotating partner.

They have a ton of great selections which you can check out here, and, bonus, BIG SALE on Friday:

Voila_Capture 2015-11-25_11-56-23_AM

So, swing back Friday, hit this link – no really, that one– I’m gonna have a baby to feed soon – and save up to 40% off at Philly Phaithful.

Shop Philly Phaithful’s Black Friday Sale



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  1. “Philly Phaithful Is Have a Massive Black Friday Sale”

    I say, I say…I sho’ do love it when a store says they is have a massive sale. I hope you all is have a good Thanksgiving too!

  2. Your t-shirts suck, although I’m sure they appeal to the knuckle-dragging mouth breathers living in North East Philly.

    1. Come down to Reale’s and say that to my face, pussy! Im the guy with the Flyers logo tattooed on my calf.

      1. I'm here, pussy. There's 15 guys with flyers ratios on their stubby calves. 23 with a shamrock on the other leg. says:

        Oh, Schmidts is on tap here.

        1. I'm here, pussy. There's 15 guys with flyers ratios on their stubby calves. 23 with a shamrock on the other leg. says:

          ^^^^ tattoos^^^^

  3. There will be a black Friday sale in Chicago as well. All products are free. Let the looting commence. Chimp-out, blow-out sale!!!

  4. The designs from Philly Phaithful are 100 times better than anything Kyle ever Google Imaged.

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