Riley Cooper Cut His Hair and Doesn’t Look like a Raging Redneck Anymore


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  1. He looks so fucking hot. Long hair, short hair, I don’t care. I would tear that up. So damn yummy.

  2. In a related story. Riley Cooper has short hair and is still a awful receiver.

  3. You haters need to get a grip. Do you really think no other man in that locker room has not uttered anything remotely disguisting before? Of fucking course they have. Only difference is that Cooper got caught on camera. So shut the hell up. Oh and BTW, shitty receivers or not, he has the most WR TD’s this season. Choke on that, you freaking morons. And Kyle, I get why you always talk shit about him. You’re jealous because you got beat with the ugly stick and he didn’t. Oh, and you aren’t a professional athelete. Stings, doesn’t it?

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