Roundup: Meek Mill at the Sixers, Drunk Eagles Fans, and Joseph Randle


Meek Mill Loves the Sixers but He Doesn’t Wanna Talk About Drake

Meek Mill had to know that if he’s gonna show up to a Sixers game, he’s gonna get asked about Drake. It’s still the most notable thing he’s been a part of in the last year, and Drake is tied in tight with the Toronto Raptors. Still, Meek didn’t seem like he enjoyed Molly Sullivan-French’s question:

Looking back at Meek’s old tweets, he doesn’t seem like he’s on board with the Hinkie-plan.

Eagles Fans are the Third Drunkest in the NFL

According to a study done by a company who makes smartphone-linked breathalysers, Eagles fans are the third drunkest in the NFL on Sundays (and the drunkest in the NFC East). Only in Buffalo and Detroit, where things are often cold and terrible, are the fans drunker.

Joseph Randle is Leaving all of the Meat on the Bone

And Joseph Randle, famous for saying DeMarco Murray left a lot of meat on the bone last season, has left so much meat on the bone that he’s now out of a job. As BGN points out, Randle was on pace for 832 yards (4.1 yards per carry) before losing his job, but the heightened expectations (and overall terrible play of the Cowboys) have left him by the wayside. Randle also missed time due to a “personal issue” and is facing pending discipline from the NFL league office for an off-the-field incident.


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  1. I would love to put whipped cream on Molly Sullivan’s big tits & lick it off

  2. Anyone see that jersey chasing tramp K to the C at the World Series parade? She really is a skanky money hungry pig

    1. Read post today on BGN about how Eagles fans are among drunkest in NFL. Over/Under on Jim posting same thing tomorrow …11Am.

      Put me down for the UNDER.

      Two-for Tuesday: Hosmer dumps Toothie McChompers in offseason…..SuperBowl.

      Put me down for UNDER as well.

  3. Don’t know what it is about Molly, chick just looks like she’s into some wild shit

  4. Instead of loser drunk Eagles making the cliche comment about Dallas & players with character issues, you may want to consider that Dallas has tried to help Randle & he keeps making things worse with domestic issues & walk outs.

    Jerry jones isn’t a miracle worker (as evidenced by their inability to win a single game without Tony Romo). With saying that

    Sacks coming Sunday !!’

    1. Huh???

      Jones just fired the guy because of mental health issues (which is illegal under the ADA act), but he can lay the blame of the release at the feet of low production. Jerry Jones doesn’t give a flying fuck about helping these players off the field. Just willing to put up with their bullshit, only if they produce. If Randle was rushing for 100 yards each game, he would still be employed and Jones would never mention being worried about his mental health, instead Jerruh would be calling him a leader just like he did Greg Hardy….another guy who has obvious mental health issues. Assigning some babysitter for these nutcases isn’t getting them help

    2. What Eagles fan gives a fuck about Joseph Randle? I had him on my fantasy team and am likely to lose money on his problems and even I don’t give enough of a fuck to know that sob story. Keep putting words in our mouths.

      But hey, thanks for detailing the fact that he’s another Cowboy wifebeater. This is our shocked face. Jerry must have let him go when this transgression came to his attention in the last week.

    3. “Jerry jones isn’t a miracle worker (as evidenced by their inability to win a single game without Tony Romo).”

      Also evidence by the fact that he can’t keep Greg Hardy from being gross, Darren McFadden from being useful, or the Cowboys in the spotlight. He and his ‘business’ are bordering on obscurity. And no, Romo coming back won’t change that one bit.

      Go away.

  5. nothing on Andy Reid congratulating the Royals for giving Kansas City a championship, something the Chiefs haven’t done since Super Bowl IV????

  6. Also, this second roundup doesn’t excuse the garbage that was the MMR. I’m still mad about that.

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