Stop Bitching About Fantasy Football Ads!

Bob Raissman, screeding for the NY Daily News:

Far be it for us to dissect the myriad of legal ramifications surrounding Eric Schneiderman’s quest to give DraftKings and FanDuel the boot. That analysis is handled by a plethora of Gasbags, all who are sudden experts in fantasy (sports, that is) and gambling.

No, our only angle here is purely selfish. If Schneiderman, the state attorney general, could wiggle his nose and get rid of the mind-numbing TV advertisements these daily fantasy sites air, over and over and over again during telecasts of every sport ever created (especially NFL games), we would be eternally grateful.

And nominate him for sainthood.

Since August, when both companies came out of the shadows pushing their “products” in earnest to the widest possible audience, there has been no escaping their saturation marketing.

Including advertisements featuring “regular” guys claiming they’ve won millions, along with majestic statues of nerds, who once paraded around in torn underwear, turned millionaires.

Other advertising campaigns are totally obscured by the repetition and outrageous promises from FanDuel like: “$75 million paid out every week!” Or DraftKings promising: “$1 billion in prizes in 2015.”

There are pictures of geeks holding over-sized checks. And some guy swearing: “Every single week I can win money on FanDuel.”

This is in-your-face, non-stop brainwashing, er, advertising, some regulators might find misleading. Even if you know nothing about how these “games” operate, watching continuous commercials that make the prospects of winning millions of dollars sound so darn easy, is appealing. It also raises questions. Especially to an attorney general, or some other official, looking to play sheriff.

This is like bizarro world. Today, protesters have gathered outside NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman’s office to fight the ruling that Draft Kings and FanDuel must cease operation in New York, a decision both companies will fight. There is merit to points made by people on both sides of the DFS fence. And while there are plenty of legitimate gripes or concerns about daily fantasy and the fact that the cart got out just a bit ahead of its wheels – make no mistake, this was a gold rush, and now the government wants to put some tolls along the way because the path took players just a bit too close to established casinos – complaining about the sheer volume of advertising, something which seems to have become almost sport at this point, rings hollow.

Raissman just echos the numerous complaints about all those fantasy ads that we’ve heard all season long from friends, coworkers and online commenters. I don’t get it. We’re the same audience that has become completely immune to endless beer and car and insurance ads that are as obnoxious as anything Draft Kings or FanDuel has rolled out. We just don’t notice anymore. I mean, Raissman complains about the repetitive and brainwashing nature of daily fantasy ads which claim that playing can make you rich and cool. OK. But I’m sorry, Bob, you must have missed the trailing seven Budweiser ads telling you that you’ll be able to fuck a model if you just show up with a case of Bud Light to the spontaneous pool party at your buddy’s curiously large house with a massive pool, impeccably trained dog, and random ass sound stage behind the garden just waiting for a moment like this, and oh look there’s Kid Rock! Or the one where Chevy revealed that buying a big truck can make your dick grow four inches and allow you to please your wife… until, shit, she realizes that you’re 52 years old, for some reason enjoy chopping wood in the middle of actual nowhere, and only grossed about $32k last year because, as it turns out, the market for cheap firewood has completely dried up, something you would’ve noticed if you didn’t live in fantasy land and spent more time at home with your family because, really, that’s all she ever wanted in the first place. Well, that and a Lexus with a giant bow on it (and I don’t think they even sell that kind of ribbon anywhere!). She’s leaving you, Bob. So, go drink a beer, ask your doctor about Cialis, screw a hot chick on that boat you bought with your lottery winnings, and make sure you hire Cordell and Cordell (if they’re licensed in your state) to keep your ex-wife’s greedy paws off the cash stash, YOU MAN, YOU!

But please, let’s bitch more about daily fantasy ads. We just notice them because they’re new and we haven’t yet become accustomed to those particular companies selling us a life that their products can’t realistically produce.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to contact Danica Patrick about an issue I’ve been having with my DNS server.


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45 Responses

    1. Mike just make sure the pizza arrives in under 30 minutes last time the customer complained that it was cold and that u were too small

    2. My friends call me Mikey Millions but whenever you see my commercial you call me a douche bag. We’ll see who the real douche bag is h0mo. I’m just gonna chill over here with my oversized check for millions of dollars.

  1. The problem with the commercials, is that 99% of the spots for both DK and FD, use the exact same script in every commercial. Yes, we’re used to beer and car insurance commercials but at least they have variety in their ads and cycle several different spots during their ad buy. I can recite the Draft Kings commercials in my sleep at this point. They both need to hire a new ad agency.

    You can tell that the commercials we are still seeing were meant to educate people on what their site offers but everyone already knows at this point. Make them funny and relatable now that people know who the hell you are.

    1. This. There is no entertainment value whatsoever, and it is the same commercial, sometimes run multiple times during a single commercial break. Then you have them sponsoring the pre- and post-game shows, RedZone, every sports blog…it’s repetitive and annoying. But sure, tell us more about how we shouldn’t bitch about the ads for the company that provides income for you Kyle.

      1. Commercials aren’t there to entertain you. And I’m honestly not so sure they work when that’s their goal– quick, which company was the Liam Neeson commercial for during the Super Bowl?

        1. I was on a plane during the Super Bowl, so I couldn’t tell you. My point is, its the same commercials repeated countless times in every sports broadcast. We see a guy holding a check or celebrating at a bar, and then he tells us how great DFS is, and how it will make you rich. They’re old, and given how frequently the commercials are shown, you would think either site could use some of their enormous marketing budget to come up with something new so things aren’t so repetitive. That being said, I still don’t see the need for you to devote a post to telling your readers to stop complaining about the commercials. The general population hates them, yet they pay your bills. Good for you, but you’re looking at this from a biased point of view. As for whether or not a commercial should be entertaining, maybe you have a point. But when you’re advertisements are actively turning people off of your product, that’s a problem, I’d say 90% of my friends are sports fans, and 100% of them are sick of DFS commercials.

          1. Yea. Guys like Dave Gomes wins millions, but the flip side of the coin is one million guys go home and tell the wife they bet the rent money and milk for the baby paying fantasy sports daily. The fix is on in the big con run by ESPN, Comcast, ABC and NBC. Truth though, you can never let the million chumps know that they have been played. Barkley was right. Unless you are super rich, you should not gamble and play fantasy sports. The odds are stacked against you. Fantasy sports betting is a sickness and is what it is…….Gambling.

        2. Only chicks pay attention to Super Bowl commercials. Well, chicks and you I guess.

    2. “You can tell that the commercials we are still seeing were meant to educate people on what their site offers but everyone already knows at this point.”

      I’m pretty sure we could argue the opposite for dumb beer commercials. Apple, probably the best marketing company in the world, typically just has commercials that tell you what their products do, and they work quite well. I’m not arguing in favor of fantasy commercials– just saying that they’re no better or worse than everything else out there. And a couple of them are kind of funny, with a decent production value.

      1. The commercials are over played and sexist. You’re telling me that there aren’t any women that win on FanDuel or Draftkings???? Ridiculous, man

      2. By “entertain” I mean to be clever while also being informative. Something that catches you are and leaves a positive impression.

        Beer companies put out commercials so that they remain top of mind to the consumer. Those commercials stir up discussion, “Did you see that Miller Lite commercial where…”.

        Apple doesn’t even NEED to advertise to get their brand out there. Same with Coca Cola. Everyone knows who they are. They do it to stay top of mind. Hell, Coke has their name basically as a size 6 font on their bottles right now and features “MIKE” in large text instead. THAT is memorable.

        The couple of funny daily fantasy league commercials that you speak of, only just started to sprout up. So clearly they are hearing people’s cries for an end to the repetitiveness or they achieved their goal of brand recognition. Most likely a mix of both.

      3. I just wanted to point out that Jim ran the site yesterday and the most commented article, the concussion had what 17 comments? You defended him in your AMA that he wasn’t that bad. He posted 7-10 posts yesterday? I didn’t read a single one when I realized you weren’t posting.

    1. Those repetitive, mind-numbing commercials are brutal. They’re the same exact commercial every time. What a fucking sellout

  2. looks like Kyle is scared one of his scams on trying to make money might dry up “please help me i get a small referral fee if you click on my link” get a real job…..i dont know how your wife does not puke every time she looks at you….

    1. Yeah, Kyle is just sucking at the corporate teet; he’s just about the money. This site was great 5year ago, now its hot garbage because of shitty hot takes and shitty ads

  3. Just do what 99 % of people do when a commercial comes on flip the channel. And if you only have the 1 game at 1 pm. Hit record and start watching at 2pm. You will save yourself the 1 hr. Of ads and catch up at 4:30 when there still 5 minutes left on the clock. 2 games you flip back and forth.

    1. so miss an hour of your favorite teams game because of 1 commercial? and have kyle live tweeting the game so it’s ruined by the time u start watching at 2? brilliant.

      1. He’s saying you record it and wait an hour. Then you fast forward through the commercials, and by the end of the game you’re watching in real time. I know you’re from Boston, but try to keep up here

        1. Can’t educate morons. The game is still 4 quarters and 60 minutes. These games used to get done in 3 hrs. Now there approaching 4 hrs. What changed. It’s not like I am staring at a wall. Usually watch a movie. And it’s easy to avoid Twitter during a game. Dumbass. But you said it he is from Boston.

  4. A black kid asks his mother, “Mama what’s Socialism and what is Racism?”
    “Well son, Socialism is when white folks work every day so we can get all our benefits, you knows like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps, EMC, free healthcare, a Yearly IRS bonus check for having so many kids, an extra monthly check for each kid from Social Security because they all have a vague mental defect, utility subsidy, free computers and Internet connection, free food, free clothing, free gifts at Christmas, & on & on, …for never ending generations of the same family. That’s Socialism.”

    “But mama, don’t the white people get mad about that?”

    “Sure they do son, that’s called Racism!”

    1. Let’s forget all context of a nation bred out of slavery! And, that poverty isn’t race blind. Check out the 6,000 plus homeless in this city alone that vary from race and age, even beloved veterans, oh wait that’s only on November 11th and some day in May when everyone gets blacked out at the shore. But, yeah, other than that fuck any semblance of a safety net because who needs that!?? People who don’t work hard obviously. The Market rules, man! Sucks to suck! Capitalism Rocks! Let’s get inundated with commercials that produce no real value! Its ok – just like beer ads – they will eventually enter our unconscious mind! Buy it all, you need it!

      But, then again, to write a blog or be a journalist requires funding! Let’s sell out our editorial integrity for advertisements. NO way twitter and the internet will take away our curated recycling of headlines – we matter. No its not socio-economic system that makes journalism not valuable or any other nonmarket activity non valuable, its the bogey tax man Bernie Sanders who is to blame here! This is such an awesome system and a totally bright future for producing journalistic content without succumbing to market pressures. “See what Steph Curry just did that will make you totally lose it” + iPhone 7++ White Privelege Embedded Edition advertisement, with a DK promotional code.

  5. Can we talk about bigger issues like Dez Bryant being upset and acting like the immature asshole he is toward a reporter while the cameras were in the locker room. Not only that, but he’s now tried to justify his outburst by claiming the reporter used the “N word”. What a piece of shit, and this is becoming a norm among blacks where in any situation they are in the wrong, they claim a white person used the N word. Marcus Smart did it, those high school players claimed the ref did it, i know people this has happened to, and it’s wrong

    1. Wow this needs more coverage kyle. I like the points this man is making. Need more than djacc and shady acting like fools. branch out to dez.

  6. The difference is that the DFS ads make it sound like everyone is a shoo-in to win money every week. “Here’s a FREE $25 buy-in with promo code “DEEZNUTS.” It’s sooooo easy, we’re giving money away! It’s like Crazy Eddie on those old car commercials from the 80s (google it). The beer ads are so over the top they are entertainment with the purpose of keeping their names in our minds. The DFS ads are pure misleading advertising, and I’m glad this article said what many are thinking. The whole industry stinks to high heaven and needs to be reigned in.

    Kyle, if you can’t understand the difference between the beer ads and the fantasy ads, you’re a dope. And if you can and you still wrote this article, then you’re a shill.

      1. Dammit, you’re right. I was just so proud I got a reference to you in my post that I got your chief product line wrong. My humblest apologies, good sir.

  7. Whatever, I don’t pay attention to commercials. Usually flip channels, get a beer or hit the head.

  8. For the most part, the people that complain that commercials don’t work prove that they do. Generally, commercials aren’t trying to get you to buy anything. Rather, the marketers goal is to build and/or reinforce brand awareness, i.e., once I’m ready to buy a car, didn’t I see a slick looking Buick a while back…

    Luckily for marketers, most people are as stupid as the people that post comments here.

  9. Commercials? You’re defending commercials? Seriously, what’s next? ” I love jock rash.”?

    1. “The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that internet pop-up ads and surveys – for lack of a better word – are good.”

  10. Oh, did I tell you the insiders who know what’s going on and have advanced info are the winners?

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