The NFL announced their International Series schedule today for games in London in 2016, and the Eagles are a big, bold MAYBE. Three games were announced:

  • Week 4: Jaguars vs. Colts
  • Week 7: Rams vs. NFC East Opponent
  • Week 8: Redskins vs. Bengals

Why is Week 7 just listed as NFC East opponent? Well, due to the NFL’s scheduling, that game will be between the Rams and whoever finishes in the same spot in the NFC East. The Rams are currently third in their division at 4-6, and it’s very unlikely they’ll finish any higher than second. And the Eagles… well, they seem destined for second. Maybe an Eagles game in London would be cool, but a big part of me is into the idea of just sending the Redskins over there for two straight weeks and forgetting about them. Blimey!