The Eagles Could Play in London Next Season

The NFL announced their International Series schedule today for games in London in 2016, and the Eagles are a big, bold MAYBE. Three games were announced:

  • Week 4: Jaguars vs. Colts
  • Week 7: Rams vs. NFC East Opponent
  • Week 8: Redskins vs. Bengals

Why is Week 7 just listed as NFC East opponent? Well, due to the NFL’s scheduling, that game will be between the Rams and whoever finishes in the same spot in the NFC East. The Rams are currently third in their division at 4-6, and it’s very unlikely they’ll finish any higher than second. And the Eagles… well, they seem destined for second. Maybe an Eagles game in London would be cool, but a big part of me is into the idea of just sending the Redskins over there for two straight weeks and forgetting about them. Blimey!


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    1. Why are these pussy liberals giving shit to Russia about fuckin up those animals in Turkey? Did you not here them yellin their haji gay shit during the moment of silence for Paris????

  1. Remember, Republicans, in England there are very strict gun laws and the police don’t every carry them. How will you feel safe without GUNS?

    Better to stay in a country where a mentally deranged white person has access to automatic weapons, so he can shoot up a church or a school. Then let’s freak out over a Syrian orphan taking 2 years to apply for refugee status. What a country.

    1. It’s not the Syrian orphans that people are worried about.

      It’s the fighting age male Sunni Muslim refugees, that can be easily influenced by online radicals that our government needs to keep an eye on.

      As a matter of fact, some of these so-called refugees aren’t refugees at all,but are really Syrian militants fleeing the Russian air strikes to infiltrate as many countries as possible to attack said host countries citizens.

      1. Yea, I’ll bet they’re dying to go through a 2 year vetting process instead of just getting a travel Visa. So much easier.

        Keep your Islamaphobia up. It’s doing wonders.

        1. You’re doing such a great job helping these people. Playing keyboard warrior on a sports blog, is doing sooo much to help these people. If you really feel the need to help the refugees, go over to Europe and help them. Typing furiously on your computer isn’t going to help shit. I love how you try to act like you’re above everyone else, but yet you come on a sports blog and talk shit, and spew nonsense, all because someone has a different opinion than you. No one cares what you have to say!

        2. From the L.A. Times Nov 25, 2015
          The mayor of Roanoke, Va., a Democrat, spoke favorably about Japanese internment camps during World War II to buttress his position that Syrian refugees should be blocked from entering the country.

          15 Democrat congressmen have signed on with the Republicans to restrict Syrian immigration. Senators Feinstein and Schumer, both Democrat, are backing Republican measures:

          Feinstein is working with Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona on one piece of legislation to address the visa issue, which would block people from being eligible for a waiver if they had visited Iraq or Syria in the past five years.
          That’s from HuffPost.

          Feinstein has said she reads daily intel reports and the terrorism threat is much worse than 0bama represents.

          Looks like your little bubble of ignorance is about to pop. Your own heroes are abandoning you.

      2. Can’t wait to celebrate “Refugees who exterminated an entire race when they took over the natives land Day tomorrow!” #thankful

    2. Can you point to one mass shooting were an “automatic” weapon was used? No, you can’t. Do you know the difference between a “semi-automatic” and an “automatic” weapon? No, you don’t. Do you know it’s near impossible to get an automatic weapon? No, you don’t. Do you care? No, you don’t. Just keep spewing inaccuracies to promote your failed ideology. It’s amazing, England is so great and this country sucks, yet you live here. Says a lot about you I guess

        1. I would not really call it “thinking”,

          More like pockets of energy floating in your head. But not exactly “thinking”.

    3. You seem to be an expert on guns. Explain to me the difference between automatic and semi automatic? Because as far as I know, all automatic weapons are illegal in the USA unless you have a special permit. Also, a 5 shot revolver is considered to be semi automatic. Don’t be like those retards on the news that talk about ak47s like they are nuclear weapons. Most gun owners in the USA own ak’s as well as m4s… None of which are fully auto.

      1. Fine.

        We will ban automatic, semi-automatic and revolvers.

        Muskets only! Like when the 2nd Amendment was written.

        Why you sissies need all these crazy guns anyway? Hunting deer? What is so hard about hunting deer? The deer is standing there drinking water and you shoot it. That would be like me spying on a bus stop. And then when I see a guy drinking a Pepsi, I run up from behind and punch him..

        Go fight a bear if you want to be tough.

        1. This makes perfect sense. Should TV news, Radio News, and Internet News not be covered by the freedom of the press? Because when the first amendment was written the only “press” were pamphlets and newspapers. I’ve read the 2nd amendment many times and I don’t ever remember seeing the “right of the people to bear muskets” written. Nice try pansy, but you’re way out of your league here. Stick to “saving the environment”


            Radio and TV are regulated. HAHAHAHAHA! Way to think, doofus!

            And only morons believe stuff they read on the internet, MORONS!

            Also, good job of not naming “books” when you were naming things that were printed! You could not even think of books. Probably because the last time you picked up a book was for target practice!

          2. Hey, buddy. Try to start your own radio station. And then try to buy a gun.

            You will have the gun way before you ever have your own Morning Zone entertaining people during the rush hour!

            It is amazing how clue less you gun nuts are.

        2. And you realize that people use guns for more than just hunting? If you hear your window break at 3am, what are you going to do? Hide under your bed like the little bltch that you are? Or call 9-1-1 and hope that the police arrive faster then it takes the thugs to walk up the stairs in your house.

          1. I got two kids under the age of 4!

            If I hear an intruder in my house in the middle of the night, I will listen and laugh as he trips over the Legos, train sets, dump trucks and soccer balls that permanently reside on the floor. And then I will laugh as he is frustrated by the two baby gates at the top and bottom of my steps.

          2. That’s a really responsible way to protect your family. Legos on the floor and baby gates. So if the robber is a quadruple amputee, then you’re probably safe.

          3. When he masters those really hard baby gates, and enters your kids rooms, will you still be laughing? Or would you be wishing to God that you had a pistol in your hand and could’ve put him down before he even came up the steps.

          4. Sounds like a plan!

            Please don’t let your kids ever see that post.

            My father had quite a gun collection. He slept with a shotgun under his bed. We felt very protected. It’s ironic though – The only time he had to actually confront a perpetrator he did so with a shovel because it was the closest “weapon” at hand. I’ll have to tell him next time a perp shows up to reach for the Legos though. Shovel defense is a microaggression to the ditchdiggers and gardeners of the world.

          5. Finally, You people are making sense.

            Did you see Home Alone?!? Kevin kept the Wet Bandits out of his house and he didn’t need a gun! He used paint cans and micro machines! Home Alone didn’t not need no stinking AK-47!

            You big sissies always needs your guns to make you feel tough.

            Also, how am I going to shoot the guy before he gets up the steps? Do you want me to shoot through the floor? Would I need one of them automatic guns for that? You said that automatic guns are band!

            I also have the town drunk sitting across the street from me! He sits on his porch until 4 in the morning every night. He complains if I leave a lamp on in my house. He would launch some beer bottles at any thugs!

          6. The home alone line actually made me laugh. Although with you, I’m not sure if you’re serious or not. Also, if you are at the top of the steps with any gun (handgun, shotgun, rifle) and you start shooting as soon as they get to the bottom of the step, that’s how you stop them. Especially if they have to spend time scratching their heads figuring out how to step over a baby gate. I know it’s hard to fathom.

        3. radio stations are so 1987.

          And DDMFSD’s point was valid. He was referring to freedom of speech, which the first amendment guarantees. The FCC has been sued on first amendment grounds many times. It’s amazing how clueless you lego nuts are.

  2. Off topic, so I’ve been listening to mayes/Ellis instead of Mike and Ike (cannot stand barkhann dude takes breaks nonstop and jokes about everything). Has anyone noticed Mayes laugh? I mean cackle bc that’s what it is. I like Mayes a lot but he needs to keep that cackle off the airwaves

  3. I know one chubby ex-Oregon head coach that won’t be coaching in London next season regardless….

  4. “And the Eagles… well, they seem destined for second”
    The Eagles still have the Lions, Pats, Cardinals, and at the Giants.
    The Redskins have the Cowboys twice, the Giants and the Bears. They play each other once too.
    Do you honestly believe the Eagles are going to finish better than the Redskins?

  5. Any idea who the “home” team is between Cincinnati and the Redskins? Everything but market size says that it should be DC, but I’d bet that Cincinnati gets shafted. Can’t give away a big market home game (shouldn’t be giving away any games) even if it means having 50% of the seats hidden by a tarp.

    1. The Bengals would be the home team. That be surprising how tight fisted Mike Brown is to give up game.

  6. The Eagles seem destined for 2nd?? Hahahahahaha in what dream world? The Cowboys will finish above them and possibly the redskins too

    1. The Cowboys couldn’t go to London. 1/2 the team are felons. There players would have to play iron man football.

  7. Is that because 3/4 of the comments had nothing to do with the subject. Without the comment sections morons would be bugging there neighbors who also don’t want to hear there nonsense.

    1. Without the comments section, this site would not exist. Its the truth, and even Kyle has insinuated the same thing as a reason why he will not require a sign in.

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