The Ghost Won It in Overtime for the Flyers, And Why, Yes, You Can Own This Beautiful T-Shirt

Hey, the Flyers won. Hey, the Flyers scored. Multiple goals. One of which was Shayne Gostisbehere’s overtime winner, on Rod Brind’Amour night.

And finally, a shirt I can sell just as those Culture Wins Football shirts become virtually unmarketable:

Voila_Capture 2015-11-24_08-18-32_AM

Printed on super soft, high quality ringspun cotton. Gets yours before they’re g-g-g-g-gone.


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  1. Keep it up kid. I love your initiative in the free market capitalism movement. If at first you don’t first succeed with a few crappy shirts, keep trying. Remember, the shirts you now have in mothballs could help clothe orphans in the Middle East. It would be a momentous occasion if Reuters snapped a picture of a refugee attempting to enter a European country wearing one of your shirts.

  2. What’s going on?

    Either when I play the defense is god awful which is the reason I give up 3 to 4 goals a a game and when my “backup” plays the defense miraculously becomes a shutdown defense a’la the 1995 New Jersey Devils which is why he’s pitching shutouts and winning close games.

    Or, I suck, and am being exposed on a nightly basis and that tired lie about the defense being a mess is unraveling in front of my eyes.

    No worries though. For some reason I’m assured the number one goaltender position for the Flyers until I die or the NHL folds.

    .902 Save percentage. 3.07 GAA. ELITE! TOP FIVE!

    1. Your name ranks up there with other statements made by known sport genius, Kylie (0-3) Laskowski Scott.

      Such as:

      The Eagles are going to win the super bowl this year (made in the pre-season)

      It’s going to be hard to write about the Eagles Super Bowl run with a new born at home

      The Phillies shouldn’t trade Cliff Lee

      Chip Kelly is revolutionizing football

      And as you mentioned yesterday, tracking Demarco Murray’s plane was fun too

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