The NFC East is a Total Toss-Up Between the Eagles and Giants According to Numbers Nerds

The nerdiest of all numbers nerds, FiveThirtyEight, are continuing to break down NFL teams’ playoff and Super Bowl odds every week with their fancy made up math. As you could guess because you have eyes and watch football, they have the NFC East as a complete crap-shoot between the Eagles and Giants. Realistically, one of those two teams could take the division handily at 8-8. But as they have it now, the Giants are 2% more likely to win the division than the birds, and more likely to make the playoffs by the same margin. Neither team has a more than 1% chance to win the Super Bowl.

Last week’s embarrassing loss cut the Eagles’ playoff/division winning odds by 15% and 11% respectively, so another loss to the semi-surging Bucs could do irreparable damage. FiveThirtyEight says the Eagles have an 80% chance to beat Tampa Bay this week, which sounds great until you see they gave the birds a 76% chance to vanquish the pitiful Dolphins. That didn’t happen.

Elsewhere in this garbage division, the Redskins somehow have a 17% chance to win the division – they like that! – leaving the Cowboys with a measly, unremarkable, barely measurable 2% shot. So there’s at least some solace in that.

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11 Responses

  1. Why has everyone been talking about the Dolphins like they’re the worst team in the NFL? It wasn’t the upset of the century that the Eagles lost. There are a good dozen teams worse than Miami.

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  4. CUZ: Bo, I can’t do it bo. I’m done wit Chip. I weally thought he was Belichickian bo.
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    1. the sad part is this could be a actual transcript of the show. They are brutal, MCW reminds of that annoying girl that someone in the group was dating and all they do is bring the conversation to a grinding halt with their asinine remarks. I get it she is Gargano’s side piece but she has no business being on the air.

  5. More like a toss up between the Giants and Redskins!!! The stinking Eagles have lost to Washington the last two games. The Eagles are a pathetic team heading no where fast for a long fuckin’ time! Ahh ! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  6. Seems odd that the Eagles have better odds than the (Insert Racist Name Here). The (Insert Racist Name Here) have the same record, have a head-to-head win in hand and already have their Patriots loss out of the way.

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