This is a mess.

First up, LaVonte David tells’s Matt Lombardo that, yep, of course he knew what play was coming on what might have been the saddest sequence of the season so far for the Eagles (saying a lot)– David’s pick six in the fourth quarter that was only briefly in doubt as officials debated an illegal substitution against the Eagles, which was declined for reasons that don’t need to be explained:

“It was just play recognition,” David told NJ Advance Media after the game. “I knew exactly what they wanted to do. It’s the same thing they were doing all game. I knew that on the drive before they were hitting us a lot with screen passes. So, knowing that, all I needed to do was read and react.

“When I saw the alignment coming out … Sproles came out earlier and the alignment came out after. I was able to get a beat on the ball and was able to jump the route.”

Sure was. Then again, predicting the Eagles to throw a screen pass is like bringing an umbrella to Seattle. Might not need it every time, but you’ll be proven right relatively quickly. The awful pass-route combination didn’t help, and led to this on-field exchange between Sproles and Sanchez [hit the volume]:

Meanwhile, Malcolm Jenkins with less than stellar things to say about his coaches and teammates… conveniently left off the video of his presser on the Eagles’ website:

Fun times.