Hey, things are looking up! The Eagles are 4-4, positioned to win their god awful division, and Sam Bradford has finally learned how to put his belt through all of the loops! The positivity is coming in waves, and there couldn’t be a better time for a Nick Foles stinks story.

Here’s a jawn from Ben Hochman of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in an article titled Foles Looks Like Weak Link. Please, read the whole thing– it’s delicious. GIVE ME THAT JUICE:

But they were serious — the Vikings dared Nick Foles to try to beat them with a touchdown … and Nick Foles responded like Nick Foles.

Yup, the Rams signed a guy to be a franchise quarterback, and Rams opponents want him to have the ball in overtime.

Even an overtime win Sunday wouldn’t have masked the overall issue — Foles is flimsy and fallible, and the Rams’ offense has been reduced to surviving with him at the helm.

“I put a lot on myself, and I just have to keep playing better and growing as a quarterback,” he said after going three-and-out in overtime, as his Rams then lost, 21-18, on an ensuing field goal. “We have to get touchdowns, especially on the road. We have to get touchdowns and get in the red zone.”
Ugh, it’s hard to hear that the franchise quarterback, who’s paid as such, needs to continue to grow. But on Sunday, the Rams entered their biggest game since 2006 — they were in the playoff picture, but it appeared they didn’t have a playoff quarterback.

Maybe it’s on the receivers, too. And the offensive line. But Foles infuriates with ill-timed passes and floppy floaters toward St. Paul. From the very first play of the game, when the quarterback missed a preposterously wide-open Britt, Foles didn’t seem all there.

And later, it appeared that even coach Jeff Fisher lacked confidence in Foles.

Perhaps the Rams win the next two games because the Rams’ next two opponents stink. Maybe two Sundays from now, they’re 6-4 and we’re again talking playoffs. Maybe some weak defenses are all Nick needs to to discover deep-ball braggadocio.

Here’s hoping that Foles finds what he needs to find, because, frankly, it’s been fun talking about the Rams without also having to talk about Los Angeles.

But January looms. Both the playoffs and the owners’ decision.

Floppy floaters! That sounds like the next hit freemium game on iOS, or a symptom of a seriously debilitating intestinal disease. Nyet. It describes Nick Foles’ passes. I love it. Just when we were starting to doubt Chip, BOOM, big OT win from handicapable Bradford, while Foles takes a dump after the defense elects to put the ball in his not-so-capable hands in the extra sesh. Oh my. The Chip Genius train is now boarding. All aboard, baby! Next stop: Titletown! Football is back. I’m upbeat! Noises!! Nicky sucks and Sammy hit his stride. Wouldn’t want anyone else under center…

… oh, damn.

H/T to the reader who sent this to me that I can’t remember