Video: EDP Is Unhappy, Wants Death

Usually EDP445’s rants are contrived, sometimes forced. Not this time. Epic rant. You can’t learn this sort of brilliance in improv classes. This is a gift… a gift that might lead to a misdemeanor for making death threats, but a gift nonetheless. 10 out of 10.

Side note: I have no idea what he was talking about with Chip taking a military oath, but it works. Strong rhetoric. Excellent oratory. We’ll go with it. Also, now I want tacos.


21 Responses

  1. I didn’t get past “axe you a fuckin question” but I still largely approve. 10/10

  2. Chip does suck. But, EDP has had neither a job, nor a piece of pussy, EVER, so he is essentially like a homeless person who screams at you while passing through Suburban Station. Except for the fact that even the homeless get laid………………what a fucking loser.

  3. I never get laid. But now, thanks to your positive words, I think I now have the confidence to get some trim. Apreeeeeeeeeddciate it.

  4. hee hee hee boy I tell ya that edp is a man after my own heart

    he’s sort of like my kindred spirit

  5. As bad as Chip has been this season, he will never make me embarrassed to be a Eagles fan as much as this fat food stamp collecting ape does. Kid has no life and could possibly be the next Eric Garner.

    I decided to click play and immediately regretted it, highlights through exactly two minutes
    -“Lemme AXE you this”
    -“How da fuck do you let a rookie quarterback, KNOWN AS Jameis Winston”…..
    – “motherfucka you took a OAF!!”
    – “Billy davis…you mother fuckin redneck snortin…..”

    had to tap out after that

  6. Brother Angelo and Brother Al are going to give Brother Chip an anal reaming tomorrow.

  7. Fans were weak today to walk out early on the game today. Everyone with a brain knows it. Philly fans are bandwagon cowards in 2015. They continue to show their bandwagon behavior. This is the truth. These bandwagon fans embarrass the city.

    Chip Kelly deserves more time to build this team further.Anyone who says he should not stay is a fucking idiot. In my opinion he needs to weed out quitters on this team further.In my opinion, Kelly is smart enough to correct this. I would give him the time to do so. How much more time? 2 years. I think this is fair.

    Same Amaro shit we have all heard. Some dipshit will come up with a fire Chip Kelly website. The idiots always do it.

  8. Fuck the media. Think for yourself. Warning of This week on sports talk radio:

    1. Chip Kelly needs to be fired.
    2. The fans were right to leave a game in the 3rd QT after spending ALOT OF MONEY because THOSE FANS ARE REAL and not bandwagon jumpers, which they are,
    3. Follow 1 and 2 narratives. That is what this site and talk radio will do. A joke.

  9. What really kills me are the idiots that call up and ask if they can do the E-A-G-L-E-S chant on the radio. These are the folks who have been not afforded an education.

    Then the radio hosts deliberate if that was a “good one” or not. Sacré bleu

  10. Yes! How bout us Boys now! Ur sad Eagles lost to the Tampa Bay Mouse-cateers!

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