We’re Giving Away 2 Eagles-Dolphins Tickets for Sunday Courtesy of NRG Energy

Ah yes, you know the drill. The fine folks at NRG Energy, the great company responsible for all those solar panels and wind turbines at the Linc – great explanation here – and also the betterment of the Earth through green energy initiatives, have offered up two Eagles-Dolphins tickets to CB readers for Sunday. Want to win them? Yep. All you have to do to enter is Tweet:

RT this and follow @CrossingBroad and @NRGEnergy for a chance to win 2 Eagles-Dolphins tickets! #FanEnergy #Eagles http://bit.ly/CBroad

Or post on Facebook [be sure to follow and tag Crossing Broad and NRG Energy]:

Like Crossing Broad and NRG Energy for a chance to win 2 Eagles-Dolphins tickets! #FanEnergy #Eagles http://bit.ly/CBroad

Or do both, for double the chance to win! Also be sure to check out http://bit.ly/CBroad for info on why and how NRG powers the Linc with solar energy, and a whole bunch of Connor Barwin love. Thanks, as always, to NRG Energy.

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        1. This comment section is viewed by families and their children. We come here to read about sports, not some perverts unholy lifestyle. Families are the most important thing in the world. This site tries to give back to the community! And jerks like you are a poison!

          1. Disagree, Pizza Mike is the best thing to happen to the comments section since Colonial Nissan blocked the site.

  1. Is everyone really that annoyed by the simple surveys on CB. I personally haven’t seen a survey in a couple of months (maybe my work computer blocks them?) but when I did see the surveys it was 1 or 2 questions and took 5 seconds. The videos that other sites use are either unskippable or let you skip after 5 seconds so what’s the issue?

  2. Keep getting texts from my friend at WIP who says Josh knocked up Raya. Kyle is this true?

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