3 Eagles in Pro Bowl + 3 Alternates

Three Philadelphia Eagles were named to the Pro Bowl Tuesday: DE Fletcher Cox (finally!), Darren Sproles (as a punt returner), and in a surprise, LT Jason Peters.

Naming Peters is kind of a habit at this point. He has been selected every year since 2008, except for 2012 when he didn’t play at all due to a ruptured achilles tendon. 2015 has not been his strongest year, but he earned the admiration of his fellow players by holding together a very shaky offensive line through force of will, despite his age (34 in a month) and a series of painful injuries.

The number of Pro Bowlers on the Eagles (three) matches the total on Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Undefeated Carolina leads the league with 10, while the other elite teams — New England, Seattle and Arizona — have seven each.

Three Eagles were named as alternates, according to Bleacher Report: center Jason Kelce, safety Malcolm Jenkins, and special teamer Chris Maragos. The team has not confirmed this as of late Tuesday night. Punter Donnie Jones and OLB Connor Barwin were flat out snubbed.

Jeff Skversky of ABC-6 Sports tweeted an interesting list of Eagles Chip Kelly has cut.

Skversky quote on ex-Eagle pro bowlers

The thing is, Shady is the only one on that list selected this year, which kind of undercuts Skversky’s point. (And he was a somewhat controversial pick himself, as the league’s 9th best running back by yardage.) In general, the players Chip got rid of made sense; Todd Herremans, Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are all out of the league. It’s the players he chose to replace them that have been a problem.

Meanwhile, one of the most discussed snubs was former Eagle Kurt Coleman, who is having a miracle year with seven interceptions and a touchdown already in 2015. (He had a total of 10 interceptions in his first five NFL years, none of them in 2013 when he played for Chip.) Here’s an argument no one could have predicted a year ago:


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    1. If Saltveet says Barwin was snubbed then he was snubbed. Saltveet knows more about the NFL than any of us. Sure he said Coleman has 7 picks when ESPN stats say he has 5 but who checks this stuff???

    2. Barwin is arguably one of the most over-rated players in the Chip Kelly era. Him or his hipster brethren Jason Kelce. Barwin makes a show of himself chasing dudes down the field (after they blow right by him in the first place) and the troglodytes that follow/cover the Eagles mistake this for heart and effort which carries alot of water in “Blue Collar, Working Class Philadelphia”. And he calls into mid-day radio shows weekly and really “connects with the fans” to show “he’s one of them” but he’s average at best and not worthy of all the coverage/praise he gets.

      *Steve Mason is still not an elite goalie.

  1. That tweet makes zero sense. Probably the reason it was deleted. As for the guys he got rid of. I’m against the replacements but they were correct moves. Desean missed half the season and isn’t very productive. Maclin, they tried to resign. But the Chiefs overpaid. How many fans would be bitching about him making that much here? McCoy was a correct move. He made too much money for what he’s worth. The plan was to get Mathews and Gore. Gore backed out for some reason. Chip needed to sign someone to justify getting rid of a popular back. So he got Murray. But again Mathews has proven to be an unreliable back health wise throughout his career. So imagine the reaction if he didn’t bring in Murray and was stuck with sproles, who would get killed as an every down back, and barner, a rookie. Yes it’s easy to kill him now but if you look at it from his standpoint and from cap point, what could he have done?

    1. i agree. at the time they seemed like the correct moves and the majority was approving of it. even byron maxwell as bad as he has been, i cant blame them for going after the top free agent CB, at least they tried.

      the issue is chip’s ability to draft players because he has missed on quite a few so far, and his ignorance of depth at the offensive line position.

  2. The Pro Bowl sucks. How does Jason Peters continue to get praise? He has been dominated all year and after almost every play his fat ass is hurt.

  3. to their respective team?

    Chip Kelly Eagles current drought 0 for 56
    Ed Snider 0 for 41
    Sam Hinkie 0 for 34
    Rubin Amaro 0 for 7

    1. Since the 83 Sixers, we have had one championship in a combined 128 seasons. The way things look right now, I think its a definite given that neither team is in a position to potentially win a championship for at least 3 more seasons. So, we are looking at 1 championship in 140 seasons. That means we have only reached the ultimate goal 0.0071% of the time. However, we ‘ll always be back. We always come back for more punishment.

      1. worst drug in philadelphia is the sports teams.
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      2. Even the time you spent on that calculation was too much time spent caring about these teams.

      1. I used to think Rob Ellis was the best host on WIP (back when he was winning those debates every year). But now, watching him on his TV show, he’s just a soft, pandering pussy. That show is unwatchable. (Even the blonde chick can’t save it.)

      1. hahaha
        Where will Innes be a year from now?

        A) working as Big Daddy Grahams sidekick from 1-5am?

        B) working at a waffle house in Darby?

        C) on life support following his 8th heart attack?

      2. How far did he fall? He was working half a shift (2 hrs/day) and getting paid peanuts. He’s probably making the same scratch with Philly Influencer.

  4. Jason Kelce got snubbed? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA. That’s like saying Mark Sanchez or Riley Cooper got snubbed. He fucking blows

    1. Agreed. Kelce has spent too much time since his rookie season reading his press clippings, and now he’s just a big dumb oaf going through the motions between trips to the bank teller.

  5. *Conor Barwin I meant. I’m equally shocked that Kelce made it as an alternative since he too fucking blows


  7. “In general, the players Chip got rid of made sense; Todd Herremans, Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are all out of the league. It’s the players he chose to replace them that have been a problem.” Very astute. The problem is, pro bowlers don’t grow on trees. Chip Kelly is the only Coach in the league who willingly parts with pro bowlers in their prime. Real talk: this team runs away with the division with Maclin, Desean and Shady on the team and Bradford might be in the Pro Bowl discussion. Chip’s reign as GM has been worse than Joffrey.

  8. As suckful as this band of quitters has played all season, NOBODY should be going to the Pro Bowl.

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