DeSean Jaccson Taunts Fans

pic via reader Jordan

For the second year in a row, the Redskins have ended the Eagles’ season. For the second year, we have to watch DeSean Jaccson gloat:

Upside: 2016 can’t get any worse.


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  1. HAHAHAHA. Merry Christmas, scumbag Eagles fans. Still happy about “stealing” Murray from us? The best thing is that you fucking losers are stuck with this group of players next year too.

    1. Desean is the biggest n1gger in the NFL. My buddy took his heart at the Penthouse Club after a season ending Eagles loss a few years back. I wish Desean and his “crew” would have taken my buddiy’s offer. Would have been worth a night in the roundhouse and the charges.

  2. Kylie, can you repost the article when you predicted the Eagles would win the super bowl during the pre season? Thanks

  3. A crappy Kirk Cousins took the Redskins to the playoffs because his coach doesn’t run a gimmicky college offense that every defense in the league has figured out.

  4. That’s right motherfuckers! Poor pathetic Eagles and their fans! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! You see, the rest of the league accepts the fact that their team is not very good and hope they get better. But, the poor, pathetic, blind Eagles fans actually think their sorry ass team will still win the Super Bowl no matter how much they suck!!! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!



    Best part about this is fat chip will win next week and set the franchise back even more with a worse draft pick.HAHAHAHAHAHBAHABA LOL LOL LMAO


    1. On top of that, the whining dunces in this town will continue to support the eagles ownership, no matter how bad the team is. Despite all their keyboard outrage, they continue to bend over and say “May I have another, Mr Lurie?” with their wallets!

  6. “It’s all on my shoulders. It’s the same thing I said a year ago, it’s unacceptable. We’ve got a find a way to do a better job. When are we going to put these guys in better situations to make plays? So it’s 100 percent on my shoulders.”

    So Chip thinks he needs to put his guys “in better situations to make plays.” Betcha that won’t translate to any real changes in his system next year.

  7. All of you Eagles fans deserve this. You come in to opposing stadiums with such arrogance and vitriol. You have somehow attracted a fan base of children and losers to join you. Choke on a Greg Oden sized hog. All of your other teams suck too!!!! HHAAHAHAHA!!!

    1. Agreed. The majority of Eagles fans are rabid, koolade-drinking degenerates who think their team deserves to be the best (despite not having won anything in over 50 years). The rest of the country takes great satisfaction in watching these low-class klowns choke on their own crow, and never learning ANYTHING from Philly teams’ continued, consistent failure.

  8. Have an idea. Los Angeles wants a team….maybe two. Sell Lurie on the idea to take his act out there. We lose a 55 year losing franchise and five straight losers from hell owners. We lose a team and the NFL has to give us a new franchise which will win a Super Bowl before “Doesn’t have a clue” Lurie. One proviso. No spoiled rich kids like Lurie, no owner simply trying to fatten his wallet off the team like Brayman , the original Joshua Harris and no gambling drunks like Tose. Fourty years later and we all now wish Tose took the team to Phoenix. Maybe we would have the Cardinal’s record this year.

  9. Ha ha ha ha! God for D Jacc!

    Yes he’s a jacc-off, but the Eagles organization and their fans have been on his ass for 2 years, and now it’s payback time.

    If the Eagles had anywhere NEAR a competitive team (that showed up consistently for games), this whole thing would be a non-issue.

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