Eagles Fans Unsurprisingly Burn a DeSean Jaccson Jersey

Surprised it took this long for video of a burning DJacc jersey to pop up honestly. But the best part isn’t the jersey itself, it’s the guy who steps in on the right, takes a deep breath, and lets out a nice, hearty “AHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Let’s go birds.


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  1. Fifty five years ago tonight, the Eagles won an NFL championship. Maybe only 5 percent of current fan base remember that. Trouble is zero percent of current fan base will experience first Eagles’ Super Bowl win.

  2. Jeffwey saying we win tonight or he schlong me. Wight. Thinks I’m Banner or Howie Woseman.

    1. I lent Jeffrey a gadzillon dollars to buy this crap team. He then dumps his lovely JAP wife for this JAP whore????? I think Jeffrey has lost his mind for horizontal slash.

    1. This is Chip’s defense. He wants to run 3-4 with 4-3 personal. Plus, Billy is a good guy; he has a conversation with the media not like Chip.

  3. All year long, I have been real with you, telling the truth. The,Eagles suck and Lurie gives us these losers ….Chip being #4. When you have a cancer, you cut it out. The cancer is the spoiled brat who has no clue. Lurie needs to go. But keep listening to the idiots like Didinger whose salary is indirectly paid by Lurie. He and the others will bullchip you all day. Remember, Didinger said this year to Cataldi, another Kelly a$$kisser that Kelly would turnout to be a better coach than Teid.

    1. Sorry, I meant Andy Reid. Lurie is the problem. Remember, Lurie kept Kotite a year. Why? He was a laughing stock that Seth Joyner even said had lost the respect of the team. He kept Rhodes two years too long, kept Reid six years too long and should have fired Kelly last January after the one and three collapse and Kelly’s threatening to leave. Why no firings? Jeffrey does not like to buy out contracts. Remember Lurie’s long soliloquy rationalizing keeping Reid in early 2012. What happened. We got a 4 and 12 season, all so Jeffrey could save some money. The cheap ba$tard ! Kelly should have been fired this morning.

  4. Oh, I’m sure the burning of D Jac’s jersey will upset him for the rest of the season, as HE prepares for the PLAYOFFS!

    Childish, Philly dunces will never learn.

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