Eric Rowe: Not Awful

Yes, Megatron and Matthew Stafford picked on him in the Lions game, after Nolan Carroll broke his ankle. But as most intelligent observers noted, Eric Rowe played pretty solid defense against one of the best wide receivers in all of football, despite being a rookie rushed into the game [editor’s note: set up to fail] and giving up four inches in height to the 3-time All-Pro first teamer.

Tom Brady is not shy about picking on a weak link either, as Curtis Marsh learned in the 2014 Eagles – Patriots joint training camp. The Pats went right at him play after play. Sunday against the Patriots, Brady naturally tested Rowe, too, but the rookie confirmed his talent with an outstanding performance in his first NFL start against football’s best quarterback.

It gets better: he brings safety-level hard hitting to his game. His hit in this GIF stopped LeGarrette Blount short of the first down, and planted nightmares in his psyche that will linger for weeks.

It’s a mystery why Rowe, a second round pick, has been unable to get off the bench this year, but now that Nolan Carroll is out for the year injured, the Eagles will get a chance to see what he can do. With any luck, we’ll see more of Kenjon Barner and Josh Huff, too (now that Miles Austin was released).

Whether this team gets into the playoffs because of their terrible division or not, they are short on talent in several areas and in the midst of a terrible year. It’s the perfect time to see how their underused younger players can do.

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38 Responses

  1. During the draft, Rowe was a steal when we traded up to get him and Hicks was a confusing selection to some. Now everything says Rowe is garbage and Hicks is the reason we’re only 5-7.

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    1. Chip Kelly passed on these 3 receivers, and took Josh Huff:

      Rd 3 #90 Donte Moncrief
      Career(’14 – ’15)
      Yards: 1,061
      Receptions: 85
      TD’S: 8
      Avg yds per rec:12.5

      Rd 3 #92 John Brown
      Yards: 1,301
      Receptions: 88
      TD’S: 10
      Avg yds per rec: 15.4

      Rd 4 #118(17 spots after Chip wasted a pick on Jalen Watkins) Martavis Bryant
      Yards: 1,172
      Receptions: 57
      TD’S: 14
      Avg yds per rec: 20.6

      Rd 3 #87 Josh Huff
      Yards: 322
      Receptions: 28
      TD’S: 3
      Avg yds per rec: 11.5

      Thanks Chip

      1. Quarterbacks on those teams probably have something to do with those numbers too. Thanks for your thoroughness tho

        1. not to mention TY Hilton, Larry Fitzgerald, and Antonio Bryant drawing double teams….but still, I would take any one of those guys rather than Huff. They are all playing and contributing where as Huff, not so much. Course, not to absolve Chip, but a few other teams passed up on those players too……like every team at least twice

      2. Not to mention that Josh Muff is 5’11” in shoes. Strange choice for a guy who is OTR as preferring big WRs. Fuck the leprechaun and fuck his ball-lickers Saltveit and Lasowski.

  3. We all know that its White being taken down not Blount right? Blount would not take a shot like that from Rowe… Let’s leave it at his coverage abilities (which only look great because the rest of the DBs on this team are complete garbage)

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  4. A broken down old man with no pass protection or a running game missing two of his best receivers and the other who did play played at less than 100%, and he still almost beat the Eagles.

    I understand all of the playoff hype.

      1. 10-1 actually. And when facing the Eagles they were pretty much fielding half a team. And Brady was lost and atrocious without Gronkowski and Edelman.

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  5. “Megatron and Matthew Stafford picked on him in the Lions game, after Nolan Carroll broke his ankle. ”

    This is a terrible sentence. You cannot have the antecedent for pronoun be in the following sentence. This makes it sound like Nolan Carroll broke his ankle and the Megatron and Stafford picked on Nolan Carroll.

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