Home Team Disadvantage?

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The Eagles play the Skins tonight with a playoff berth on the line.

The good news is, Washington is a terrible road team. Consider this statistic:

espn - kirk cousins road vs home

Yes, the Skins have won 3 of the last four games. But as Tommy Lawlor points out, the loss was to the miserable Matt Cassell-led Cowboys. And the wins were against the Giants, the Bears, and a Bills team that appeared to give up after the Eagles eliminated them from playoff contention. The narrow victory against Chicago is their only road win all year.

On the other hand, the Eagles are not a good home team. They have the same record at home and on the road this year: 3-4. And that’s actually a major improvement.

Philadelphia set the NFL record by losing 10 straight home games between September 30, 2012 and November 17, 2013.

And the team they beat to break that streak? Washington.


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  1. Yeah, keep bringing up your stupid scenarios and statistics that say Eagles will win! How’d that work out with Tampa Bay when you said they never win in cold weather? Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Poor pathetic Eagles and their fans!!!

    1. John Riggins has been retired for 30 fuckin years. Why don’t you go post on a dc area site shit breath? I guarantee if the Eagles win you will either disappear or bring up superbowls.


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