Of all people who you think would be hyped after a win like the Eagles squeaked out today, the team owner is near the top of the list. But Jeffrey Lurie doesn’t exactly fit the bill of “easily fired up.” According to some players, however, Lurie broke down – which I always assume means tears, whether they be of joy, sadness, or passion, but in this case could mean he just broke down a team huddle – and cursed, which he is not known to do. He was also talking to players and coaches before the game, getting them psyched.

It’s a great night for Lurie, even in the midst of a rough season, which makes you almost wonder if he’s got a personal beef with Robert Kraft getting him especially in it tonight. I’d imagine it’d be hard to not have a beef with the dude who brought Rupert Murdoch into his box, but billionaires be billionaires.

UPDATE: “Broke down” could mean that Lurie broke down the Eagles’ huddle, and he might not have done it with the whole team, but either way, DeMarco wasn’t there for it.