Jeffrey Lurie was Incredibly Fired Up and Broke Down the Huddle in the Locker Room

Of all people who you think would be hyped after a win like the Eagles squeaked out today, the team owner is near the top of the list. But Jeffrey Lurie doesn’t exactly fit the bill of “easily fired up.” According to some players, however, Lurie broke down – which I always assume means tears, whether they be of joy, sadness, or passion, but in this case could mean he just broke down a team huddle – and cursed, which he is not known to do. He was also talking to players and coaches before the game, getting them psyched.

It’s a great night for Lurie, even in the midst of a rough season, which makes you almost wonder if he’s got a personal beef with Robert Kraft getting him especially in it tonight. I’d imagine it’d be hard to not have a beef with the dude who brought Rupert Murdoch into his box, but billionaires be billionaires.

UPDATE: “Broke down” could mean that Lurie broke down the Eagles’ huddle, and he might not have done it with the whole team, but either way, DeMarco wasn’t there for it.


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  1. Let’s face it…Lurie does not have what it takes to win an NFL championship. It’s time for him to go. It’s been over twenty years and it’s just not happening. He seems like an ok guy but not a winner. Sell the team, Lurie. Give a winner a chance.

      1. Mr. Lurie with all due respect me and jaws will be breaking down the film with his staff on Tuesday at nfl films. We go through each individual play and look at each players performance in depth while breaking it down on Tuesday at nfl films. Before I get to the phone lines I’d just like to hit on a couple points of this game………

        (30 minutes later)

        ….and that’s why I on Tuesday I’m excited to break down the film with jaws. We’re gonna open it up now, 610 – 632-0975, 610-632-0975. What do you feel now about the status of Eagles? Has this team taken the next step? 610 -632-0975

    1. O.K. Here is the reality. Belicheck knew he could lose another game after blowing again a perfect season, so why not give his old buddy, Bullchipper a win. Trouble is after spotting him five straight scores, the Spygate Master did not really know how awful the Eagles were and Chip was choking even with the 21 point lead. Sure the two coaches hug at the end of the game had Belicheck saying to the effect of you owe me big time, Chip. I got you another season of coaching but your team is pathetic. I had my J.V. team out there and Brady was in on the fix, but hell man, your team stinks !!!!!

  2. Yo Cuz! The tweet says he “broke down the team” not “broke down”. He wasn’t crying, he was giving the post game talk, which if you knew the first thing about sports (which judging by your goofy ass face you don’t) giving the post game talk Is called “breaking down the team”. He wasn’t crying you smacked ass

  3. Kyle, we all make mistakes. Clearly, hiring bitch boy pussy hipster Jim was a fuck up on your part. The key is to fix mistakes and learn from them.

  4. DeMarco Murray is quickly becoming a team-cancer, and a distraction in the locker room.

  5. Great team win. I hope that momentum can be built for a strong finish culminating in winning the NFC East.

    1. Great team win? I hope you are kidding. Murray is atrocious and Bradford threw for only 119 yards! Only 14 points were scored by the offense and the Patriots uncharacteristically broke apart on special teams and Brady made some bone-headed throws. and STILL THE PATS LOST BY ONLY SEVEN!

      1. Great fun win. I don’t have any delusions about this team but if you’re still depressed after a win like that, you need to see a doctor.

  6. Old Jeffrey is packing on a few pounds. But maybe that Kung pow pussy is bringing out his aggressive side…

  7. Jim i mean this from the bottom of my heart……you are fucking embarrassing!!! He broke down the teams huddle in the locker room after the game, do you know what the fuck that means you hipster bitch? i guess not because you never played a sport in your life. You are the worst thing to happen to this site and possibly my generation of white people. Black people don’t like you because you listen to Drake. Your a fucking poser and a wannabe, which is why you dress like an ironic asshole because deep down you can’t stand your own self, so you have to make a mockery of everything else. If i see you at Sligo in Media, im knocking your fucking teeth out, you wont see it coming.

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