Stopping John Brown is the key to the Eagles – Cardinals game

John Brown beats the Eagles with a last minute TD catch, 2014

Philadelphia matches up well against Arizona. They beat them in a tough 2013 game, and lost last year only because of a stupid defensive play.

The Eagles led 20-17 with 1:21 left. Arizona had the ball on their own 25. Might be a good time for a prevent defense, right? Instead, Cary Williams played tight on Williams, who predictably ran by him. Worse, safety Nate Allen bit on a double move, trying to be a hero by going for an interception on a short pass that was just a fake.

Brown flew by both for an easy touchdown. And no doubt, he’s one of the fastest receivers in the game. But half-decent coverage could have stopped the play or at least limited it to a long gain.

Since then, Allen signed with the Raiders as a free agent, and Cary Williams is out of football after the Seahawks cut him. The Eagles also replaced DBs coach John Lovett with Cory Undlin, who players rave about, and the unit as a whole is much better. So far, they’ve given up 44 passes of 20 yards or longer in 13 games. Last year, in 16, they surrendered 72.

But the secondary is still a work in progress. EJ Biggers is erratic at best. Nolan Carroll broke his ankle. Against Tampa Bay and Detroit, DC Bill Davis tried moving Malcolm Jenkins out of the nickel CB role back to a more traditional safety position. The Eagles gave up 45 points each to two of the league’s worst teams.

After they put Malcolm back in the slot and called up Ed Reynolds from the practice squad to play safety, the Birds beat New England and Buffalo, giving up only 28 and 20 points. And Reynolds clinched the Bills game with his late interception.

How well the Eagles handle John Brown tonight will be a good marker of their chances to win. Whether he faces Byron Maxwell or rookie Eric Rowe, Brown remains a deep threat who demands safety help to neutralize. The Eagles will need good coaching from Undlin, a smart defensive game plan and individual execution by Reynolds and Rowe, two green players, to have a chance at pulling off this upset.

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53 Responses

  1. Hi I am the head union thug in Philly! If your electrical needs are not filled by my white trash morons or the obligatory one negro token, we gonna burn your fucking place down. You still complain we will beat you to a pulp. Happy Holidays and vote democrat or I kick your ass!

        1. No, but I did notice rookie Cardinals rb David Johnson running over Kiko at the goal line.

          It kinda reminded me of Bo Jackson running over Brian Bosworth back in 1987.

          And you guys said the Kiko Alonso 4 LeSean McCoy trade was a good move(morons).

      1. DeSean Jackson will have a field day against that mediocre Eagles seondary.

        Redskins 31
        Eagles 20

  2. “Stopping John Brown is the key to the Eagles – Cardinals game
    I’ll correct you. “Stopping Crossing Broad from accepting money from 97.5 is the key to the Josh Innes – Mike Missanelli Radio Wars.”

    I fixed it for you. No thanks required. And also please stop editing comments on this site. Thanks.

  3. So lame. Literally every talk show expert and journalist has already said stop josh brown. All just listening to each other talk. Zzz

  4. I’m not watching the game tonight, but tune in tomorrow morning for my insight and analysis. Also, hall of famer Ray Didinger and wing bowl eating stunts. HAHAHAHAHA

  5. I’ll be back on Chips nutz if the Eagles win tonight. Otherwise, I’ll continue my Chip’s a college coach mantra.

  6. The Eagles defense is on the field all the time because they cannot get off the field on 3rd down, not because the tempo offense.

  7. “The Eagles watch up well with the cardinals”. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Except the cardinals are one of the best teams in the league and the Eagles are in second place in the worst division in the history of football. Besides for that, they’re dead even!

    Chip Kelly, football revolutionary:

    Year one: 1 and done in playoffs
    Year two: 9-3 to not making the playoffs
    Year three: 8-8 at best


  8. We’ve been around since the begininng and never won shit!!!!! PLEASE HIT THE FUCKING RESET BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. We need a new owner…….. Manchester in the UK is like the Philly in America, blue collar and tough. Eagles help identify us like man united does for manchester, Except they win championships. Im tired of this shit. We lack toughness and have a flawed strategy. Redskins won, cowboys got lucky with the herschel trade and won, giants won 4x, two with average teams… We deserve better, our internationally recognized city deserves better! FUCK Jeffrey Lurie!!!!!!!!!!

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