Meanwhile, in Kansas City …

If there was ever, in fact, a time when the dab was cool, it’s over now. It’s been mocked and co-opted by everybody from Chris Berman to … well, Berman is bad enough. Today, it was dealt a critical blow by the Shula family, and then Andy Reid put it out of its misery.

It wasn’t bad enough that Andy Reid’s Chiefs made the playoffs, he had to ruin everyone else’s fun while he was at it.


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  1. Close your eyes. …take my hand…trust me. Welcome to my oven. Take a deep breath…enjoy the scents and aromas.

  2. Funny Chris Berrman was right that time he waved his finger at the Eagles fans when they wanted Andy fired. Look at big red now!!!! Be careful what you wish for!!



  3. Heard from my buddy Chaz who works over at nova care that Jeffrey Lurie is going to raise the price of parking to $50 next season

    1. Good, every time they make something more expensive it prices out the lower end of the gene pool.

  4. He just overstayed his time here. You can see what he does when his message is still fresh. The players run through walls for him. Not many coaches can overcome a 1-5 start.

  5. Reid’s MO is to beat bad teams and lose to the good ones. He went 1-5 against all the good opposition on his schedule, and except for a beat up Denver, won against all the remaining cup cakes in a depleted AFC.. We will see what he is made of in the playoffs.

  6. I am happy for Andy. Yes, it was time for him to leave here – but except for the last two miserable seasons he presided over the winningest era of Eagles football and we were one of the elite teams. That will never happen with Chip Kelly.

  7. Reid with a crappy qb and tougher division makes the playoffs. Mean while genius chip and his qb can’t even go 500 in the worst division in the league.

    Good job guys

  8. For anyone that does not know, Ray D and Glen MacNow are filling in for Josh Innes and his creepy crew today and tomorrow.

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