My Nest Camera Was Running During Aaron Rodgers’ Hail Mary Last Night

When there’s a big, signature play or moment in sports, countless videos from the stands and bars and streets pop up online. But, most people, at the time of day when such moments typically occur, are barely conscious on the couch, trying to keep their eyes open and at least one ear turned on lest they miss something. Rarely are those decidedly boring reactions captured on film.

I got a Nest camera for the baby. It’s awesome. I’ve been moving it around the house until he shows up, mostly to keep an eye on the dog on the rare occasions where I leave the house. You can draw outlines around just certain parts of the frame and receive a notification if something moves through it. You can speak through the camera (a genuine scare tactic I’ve placed neatly in my back pocket). And, for better or worse… you can rewind your life. This morning I realized I had it running during Aaron Rodgers’ hail mary last night, for which I, conveniently, woke up just in time. And yep, Nest captured all of the pure, unadulterated excitement. Behold, married life:

And that right there is the most football excitement our living room has seen this season.

Side note: I was wondering why I had a stiff neck this morning. Now I know.


Voila_Capture 2015-12-04_12-02-21_PM Voila_Capture 2015-12-04_12-02-30_PM

What is this sorcery?!

Side note 3: Genuinely fearful of what this will show during Eagles three-and-outs.


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  1. The whale sound that came out of your mouth was …i don’t even know what. Kudos to your wife for staying up that late and watching football

  2. How much will you be charging for the Crossing Broad sex tape made with this camera and when will it be available? I hope you buy a couple of them so you can get different angles, put some production value into it.

  3. The un-enthusiastic “oh my God, wow” is certainly a phrase you’ve heard many times before from Mrs. Scott in the bedroom.

  4. In the medical community, it’s generally frowned upon to rest your head on your pregnant wife’s belly.

  5. Disappointed because I only watched to determine if your wife was hot, the results were inconclusive.

  6. From the body language, I’d say your wife isn’t that into you. She probably regrets marrying a sweaty, squeaky-voiced, bi-curious sports blogger. Enjoy your future as a stay-at-home cuckold, Kyle.

    1. That was part of the interview process. I also had to suck a golf ball through a garden hose for some reason.

  7. 3 Things

    1. I’m hacking that thing
    2. You should do a webcast 24/7. Call it ‘Kyle Kam’
    3. Are you wearing slippers?

  8. Not sure if you’ll read this but if you do , thank you mrs. Cb. I met you a few years ago at the KOP mall and got to talk to you at an autograph signing. I told you how I was going through a divorce and how your husband and you watching a footbal game in night vision helped me get through such a tough time. You Told me to keep my head up and to stay strong. Your words have stayed with me til this time. Thank you again mrs.cb – @nt

  9. Kyle, you’re a filthy k i k e. Think before you spend.

  10. Kyle, No BS here for once. Your wife is a beautiful (and not in a perverted lusting way) woman. I hope that you have a healthy child and maybe some more. Your Web Site has brought me much so much entertainment, wish the Best for you and the Misses and Happy Holidays

  11. I always just assumed Kyle was a pickle chugging phaggot.
    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)
    Wife is hot , go figure…
    Happy Holidays

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