Not Surprisingly, It Appears Sal Pal was Full of Shit

The seminal report last night was, unfortunately, the shit Sal Pal got to stick on a wall somewhere– that Chip Kelly balked at the notion of giving up his GM powers at a meeting with Jeffrey Lurie yesterday. Look no further than this Pro Football Talk post to see how Sal Pal’s report shaped the story last night:

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reports that Lurie has been considering changes to the structure of the Eagles franchise for weeks, and one of those changes Lurie considered was keeping Kelly but stripping him of personnel control. But when Lurie proposed that to Kelly during a recent meeting, Kelly balked at the idea.

When Kelly wouldn’t agree to give up personnel and focus only on coaching, that’s when Lurie decided it just wasn’t working with Kelly. According to Paolantonio, Lurie decided to fire Kelly now, rather than waiting until after Week 17, because he figured it would give the Eagles a jump on attracting some of the best candidates to replace him.

As you might have guessed, it appears Sal Pal was full of shit.

Here’s Rob Maaddi of the AP:

A person familiar with the decision to fire Kelly told The Associated Press Tuesday night that the team didn’t consider only stripping him of personnel control, opting to part with him entirely. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because Lurie will address Kelly’s dismissal on Wednesday.

And Ian Rapppppppppppppppppppopopopopoport responding to a Tweet about the report:

In other asshole updates, Marcus Hayes has a whole carton of eggs on his poop head face this morning. Here’s what he wrote just yesterday:

Should Chip Kelly be stripped of his responsibilities as Eagles general manager?

The only possible answer: It is unanswerable.

So much for the ideal.

First, understand that owner Jeffrey Lurie will neither strip Kelly nor fire him. Lurie invested too much time and money in Kelly’s innovative culture to abandon it with two years left on Kelly’s contract.


This morning, Hayes, like Stephen A. Smith on ESPN, cited the Riley Cooper and contorted himself to avoid mentioning the actual website that posted it:

It explains how tone-deaf Kelly was to the locker room when, during Kelly’s first training camp, a video of white receiver Riley Cooper was leaked to TMZ in which Cooper used the N-word at a country music concert. Kelly sent Cooper away for three days of reflection and, allegedly, counseling. He then put the onus on the players to accept Cooper back into the fold.

Great scoop by TMZ.


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  1. In early January 2009, Sal Pal told anyone listening that the winner of the Eagles/Giants playoff game would win the Super Bowl XXXXIII. Well the Eagles won but later lost to the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. Sal Pal still says he saw Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Lurie having lunch at a Cape Cod restaurant 21 years ago, discussing his taking the Eagle’s head coaching job which Lurie gave to Rhodes.

  2. the tape was given or “leaked” to tmz so what’s the issue? you just want more attention to yourself. that tmz comment is fact. he does not need to mention CB at all. Also, Sal pal blows.

  3. we have become a PC ethnic diversified afraid of our own shadow litigious society.
    ….if I hear one more person exclaim ” holy crap” I’m gonna go all out careful with that axe Eugene.
    Holy jesus palomino the word FUCK is in the dictionary.
    Kyle…..wait til you gotta change a shitty diaper with a hangover. welcome to the party pal.

  4. He worships at the altar of Mikey Miss who believes everything Sal says as the gospel. You will never hear Mike say that Sal got it wrong.

  5. I always get a good laugh out of the weekly interviews with Sal Pal on Mikey Miss’s radio program. You can almost hear the wheels upstairs spinning as Sal starts churning out B.S. he invented in his own head seconds earlier. The guy knows no shame. A week later when his thoughts prove wrong, you can hear him claiming he really had the scoop accurately. The only thing is Philly worse than Mikey and Sal is Josh Innes and anybody or Angelo five days a week.

  6. jaws on this morning with the fat grease ball trying to pitch his way for a job with the eagles, just what we need jaws as coach, who the fuck is the gm, joe fuckin dicamera, maybe hack sal could be the oc, get the fuck out of here

  7. Sal Pal is a moron and always full of shit.

    However who kept insisting last night that this was a “mutual decision” and more Chip quitting than getting fired?

    The same guy who said the Eagles won the McCoy/Kiko trade in JULY, who tracked DeMarco’s flight into town, who said there was no way “Chip doesn’t go get his guy Mariota” and who lamented having a new born in the house while covering a “Super Bowl Championship run in February.”

    Be careful calling people for being “Full of shit” today, Kyle.

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