Of Course DeSean Jaccson is Selling a Shirt with Cartoon DJacc Holding Money

Eyyyyyyyyyyy, it’s the most “ya boi DJacc” thing of all the “ya boi DJacc” things he’s ever done: Define1, Jaccson’s clothing line/company/brand is selling its first clothing item with Jaccson’s image on it. And hey, wouldn’t ya guess it’d be a cartoon of him in a Redskins uni holding a bag of money? You would, because why wouldn’t that be it? The Jaccpot tee is for sale on Jaccson’s online store for $30, and the site says 10% of all the proceeds go to the DeSean Jackson Foundation to help spread awareness of pancreatic cancer. Things with that description don’t always follow through, but at least you can have a t-shirt with DeSean doing his favorite things: Playing football Holding money Displaying a total lacc of self-awareness.

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27 Responses

  1. way better than the garbage you guys sell. thinking of Birdie Africa now. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
    2 in the pink 1 in the stink.

  2. Mesean’s fake charity is a better place to send money to than Kyle’s republican pockets.

    1. So do you hate Josh because you think he sucks, or because he’s from the South and thus most likely Republican?

  3. it’s hilarious how pissed and bitter all the black sports fans in this city are because there boi shady wasn’t triumphant in his return yesterday. Chip Kelly is the white devil

  4. Speaking of lack of self-awareness, for CrossingBroad to bust on anyone for their t-shirt design is laughable after all of the crap that they’ve released. Also, DeSean giving back to his own charity, no matter how little they do, is better than Kyle profiting off of other people’s hard work and illegally using their likeness.

    1. You do know that exactly 0% of the money the “foundation” has raised has actually gone to cause it professes to support right?

  5. Listened to a little radio today and I’ve come to this conclusion about our fan base here. People try way too hard to be right. The NFL is totally unpredictable. One week you can look great and one week you can look like trash (I.e. thanksgiving, tb, Miami). But everyone has to be so adamant about their opinions regardless of results. People were still bashing Chip and the team today. They’ve strung together two quality wins in a row and control their own destiny. But because people hated on chip after week 2, they refuse to look at the big picture. Prime example is Gargano. He spent all summer leading up to the season saying eagles are great. NFC championship game or bust. Chipicheck. It was almost nauseating. But it’s even more nauseating now that he’s totally flipped and is still negative coming off wins. “I need to see them be .500 or chip has to go bc he’s a college coach.” His new shtick is to just say he was duped. And that’s the problem. He was wrong once so now he’s not gonna be wrong again. So despite wins, he’s still gonna be negative. And that negativity rubs off on the fans listening. Whether they make the playoffs or not, just watch the game and stop trying to be an expert on the team.

    1. Gargano is a fraud like many other media members. There are way too many people in the media making their living off the Eagles. Chip was right about media members trying to get Twitter hits and make themselves significant.

      1. Now he’s continuing his agenda by having the dude who wrote the fake story of chip calling shady on tomorrow. Even though every person who is involved with the nfl denies Griswold ever take place let alone during a lead up to a game

  6. Nothing on the SNF Blackout? What would I have done without reading about Desean Jackson’s t-shirt? Great job Jim, way to keep the mediocrity flowing.

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