Reports: Decision to Fire Chip Was Made After a One-on-One Meeting Today

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

My first thought when the Chip Kelly firing announcement was made just over two hours ago was “why now?” Why before week 17? Why right after a practice day? Why not after the season ended? According to multiple reports, Jeff and Chip had a meeting today, and it didn’t exactly go super well. From Jay Glazer:

Just talked to Chip Kelly, disappointed how it ended but knows it’s a results-oriented biz. Insists he wants to remain in the NFL, not college. Was pulled into mtg w owner, said he didn’t fight the decision.

And from Jeff McLane:

That lends credence to the reports that Kelly was asked to give up personnel control willingly and thought “nah.” Jeff then showed Chip who exactly wields the big balls around here.


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  1. You can’t be three different jobs in the NFL, GM & HC & play caller – and that’s Lurie’s fault. Chip was too stubborn; running a running-qb system with no running qb, not putting Boykin on the outside bc of height, going with no established talent at WR, using an I-form rb in the zone read, etc.
    If Chip said he wasn’t going to change some of it after this year, than the right move was to move on. But he’ll learn his lesson and win in Tennessee.

  2. Chip should have never gotten rid of the big 3: the thug, the bad tipper women chucker & maclin .

  3. Jeffrey Lurie – chip were gonna have to bring in some real talent
    Chip- like black guys?
    Jeff Lurie- yes chip, black guys

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