Roundup: Adam Aron Goes to the Movies, Flyers Get New Unis, and Silver’s Still Talking

Photo Credit: Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

With all the front office shakeups going on with the Sixers, you may be wondering what former CEO and mascot enthusiast Adam Aron is up to. He’s going to the movies: Former Sixers CEO Adam Aron has accepted the role of CEO with AMC Theaters, the second-largest movie theater chain in the country. I’m not sure how many changes he plans to make, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them unveil their new mascot soon, Mov E. Moose.

Next year, the Flyers (along with the other remaining teams of the “Expansion Six”) celebrate 50 years of existence. To celebrate, they’ll be getting a fresh alternate jersey to go with it. According to Icethetics (via Broad Street Hockey), it could look a little familiar:

The Flyers were part of the same 1967 expansion as the Kings so they too will be celebrating a half-century next season. And wouldn’t you know they also have a “special edition” jersey on the way, according to Reebok.

If it’s tough to pin down an old Kings jersey we haven’t seen in a while, it’s practically impossible for Philadelphia. However, from 1982 to 2007, the Flyers wore a very distinctive jersey design. The interesting thing is that it was nearly the same template as that Kings jersey from the 1980s.

That uni isn’t really too much of a stretch from the one they wear today, but we’ll know more as we draw closer to the 2016-2017 season.

And Adam Silver is still out there explaining what exactly his role was in putting the Sixers and Jerry Colangelo together. On Chris Mannix’s podcast, Silver said there was no “arm twisting” involved in the move, and no other owners were calling or complaining. So that’s the truth we can go with now, until someone else says something else.

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23 Responses

  1. honestly, why do all of the alternate uni’s for NHL teams involve nothing other than either reversing the color scheme (taking a minority color and making it a majority color) or just re-using an old jersey? I feel like hockey is one of those sports that could actually do a ton of super creative things with uniforms for their alternates do to the equipment: jersey, helmet, gloves, pants, socks. Can’t the marketing team at the NHL understand that they can still protect the brand while making some badass uni’s?

    1. The NHL came out of the trend of the wild, and crazy jersey designs. Late 80s, 90s and early 2000s marked the era of the redesign of jerseys, and logos. Now sports teams are all about going retro, and getting back to their roots. It’s all just a trend thing. We’ll see it again.

    2. The Penguins have an alternate jersey that is blue.
      The Islanders have an alternate that is black and does not feature any of the primary colors.
      The Blue Jackets have an alternate that is totally different than their primary jersey: different logo and stripes, and the secondary color is light blue.
      The Capitals have a 3rd jersey with different stripes, shoulders and logo.
      The Hurricanes have a 3rd jersey with different logo and stripes.

      And that is just the Flyers division.

      Other NHL teams with drastically different alternate uniforms are: Anaheim, Boston, Calgary, Colorado, Minnesota, Ottawa, St Louis, Tampa Bay and Vancouver.

          1. Keep in mind that Philly fans are stupid because they think what the Flyers do with all of their jerseys means what all teams do with their jerseys.

            The Kings and Canucks both had uniforms last season featuring white pants, which kind of looked like diapers.

          2. The entire first comment is about the lack of innovation in uniforms in the NHL. The post also mentions a lack of creativity involving gloves, socks and pants.

            That statement is completely false. The NHL has actually been very innovative in changing helmets, socks, jerseys and gloves. Socks with horizontal stripes in front that switched to vertical were common in the 2000’s. The Outdoor series features innovative uniforms each year. If you buy uncrested hockey jerseys, it is hard to even recognize which team wears the jersey. The Edmonton Oilers even once featured a jersey designed by comic book artist Todd MacFarlane.

            It is the Flyers that just keep rearranging the colors while keeping the logo and stripes the same. And it just reflects the Philadelphia mentality that the Flyers represent the entire NHL.

          3. I chimed in on something I know nothing about. And then got my butt handed to me.

            Now I am going to pretend I don’t care.

          4. You said in the 2000’s they made changes, and then pointed to a “one time” the Oilers did a comic character…..You do realize that you’re argument is pretty much proving my point that they are NOT innovative, right? You had to blanket an entire decade to say that a few teams went with vertical socks. If there’s a league that can get some attention through unique uni’s, it’s the NHL. The flyers alternate jersey’s and jersey redesign’s are very, very similar to the same uniform they wore since the beginning. Why not use the mmilitary warm up uniforms in a game? I don’t know, it just seems so boring to me, and I’m a die-hard flyers/hockey fan, and grew up playing the game. Let’s make a little noise, you can only run the Winter Classic outdoor game so hard, time to change it up a bit

        1. everyone knows beckham is better than huff, he was a first round draft pick. The point about John Brown is he was picked after huff, as was Donte Moncreif, Martavis Bryant, and the jags signed Allan Hurns as a un drafted free agent. All of them are light years ahead of huff. That’s the point Chip blindly picked a Oregon duck over players who were rated way higher.

  2. WIP rumor mill ON FIRE

    I heard Raya H. is preggers with Josh’s baby!!!1

    And Jillian gave Mike Miss the bug!!!11111!

    Holy crap.

  3. I hope no one will be watching the Republican debate tonight. They are a bunch of bigots and should never get near the white house. Also, we need to fire bomb the ghettos of philly and rid this town of the coloreds.

  4. I wish Hockey would go back to Home Team wears White Jersies and Road Wears Dark. Hockey is the biggest whore (Aside From That Skank Ava Graham) in trying to sell ugly Expensive Jersesy’$ that they will never ever wear again after a few games.

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