Happy Boxing Day. An Al Jazeera documentary, airing tomorrow, will allege that Peyton Manning and other athletes, including Ryan Howard, were involved with a Texas-based pharmacist named Charlie Sly (perfect), who says he provided HGH to Manning and Delta-2, a steroid-like supplement, to Howard.

The Huffington Post screened the documentary and wrote the following:

Robertson designed a program for Collins that included prescription fertility and hormone drugs, other substances labeled as “not for human consumption” and illegal drugs. Sly, meanwhile, preached the effectiveness of Delta-2, a hormone supplement that is “steroidal in nature” but is not an anabolic steroid, according to online product descriptions.

“There’s a bunch of football players who take this, and a bunch of baseball players who take it too,” Sly tells Collins in the documentary.

“Delta-2 is not for use by anybody subject to performance-enhancing drug tests,” state online reviews for the product. Major League Baseball has banned the drug explicitly.

The report does not link Manning to Delta-2, but Sly and Robertson name multiple football players as customers, including Green Bay Packers linebacker Mike Neal. Neal, Sly says, connected him with multiple teammates, including defensive end Julius Peppers. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is another NFL player he has supplied, Sly says.

Sly also names Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard and Washington Nationals infielder Ryan Zimmerman as players who received the drug from him. He also claims in the report he gave drugs to Mike Tyson.

The information was obtained by British hurdler Liam Collins, who went undercover of sorts and recorded conversations with Sly. There’s a BS meter here, and Sly, in a weird selfie YouTube video, claims he was basically lying to Collins… but, the documentary tomorrow should be a real doozy, and at the very least lead millions to discover that they actually get Al Jazeera America.