Shady Reportedly Skipped the Party that Curry and Peters Threw Him

According to Howard Eskin, that homecoming party that Jason Peters and Vinny Curry threw for LeSean McCoy was just missing one thing: LeSean McCoy. I guess he found out it wasn’t ladies only and he couldn’t screen everyone’s instagram account before*.

In his Monday presser, Rex Ryan wouldn’t say whether LeSean stayed in Philadelphia an extra day or not, which certainly lends credence to him sticking around. But maybe he had to stay home and ice his arm. Throwing that helmet seemed to take a lot out of him.

*Honestly, these “parties” are usually not much more than events promoted with a club where the people throwing the party get their fee and the club makes a ton of money on admission and drinks. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens all the time (I’m pretty sure it does).

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17 Responses

  1. Wow, another uninteresting LeSean McCoy story.

    Time to move on from the McCoy nonsense, and focus on beating the Arizona Cardinals.

    1. Did you know you can own your very own housing project style condo, with all the low-end, super cheap accouterments in beautiful northern Delaware? This location is complete with all the poop and chemical odors wafting about, and a wide range of crack heads and junkies just a short drive away in lovely downtown Chester!

      For zero down, come to Darley Brown!

  2. “I guess he found out it wasn’t ladies only and he couldn’t screen everyone’s instagram account before.”


  3. Enough of the Shady posts. So he trashed the Eagles coach that hasn’t won (and won’t this year either) a playoff game. Is trashing Kelly reserved for Eagles fans only? Who cares?

  4. Yea Jim, enough of these shady posts. You know all the lazy jobless monkees who sit around and read this site everyday are still pissed that Chip Kelly won that game against Buffalo, you are hurting their feelings.

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